Thursday, October 9, 2014


portraits by Linda

A beauty post ... again? I've stocked up my lipsticks and had to show you this gorgeous little one from MAC asap. As I am really intro bright lipsticks in fall and winter time, I got myself 'flat out fabulous' already a few weeks ago. This color is simply magical! It's really bright and pink-ish, and that's exactly what I needed! Recently, I love to wear black all the time, but  it would be boring without a pop of color added to my outfits by a nice lipstick! I hope it doesn't get boring for you guys, my lipstick obsession has gotten quite obvious if you follow me for a while, but I am always trying to take different pictures for my beauty posts! This time I played with this amazingly colorful jumper I got from H&M and some other beauty products such as the perfect nailpolish for fall from Essie and a new amazing mascara from Maybelline! While editing the pictures I thought they'd look a bit 80s and have this oldschool touch, and I absolutely love it! They are really different to my usual beauty shots, but I'm cool with that =) hope you like them as well! 

I am currently all over uni as it's a super busy week and I barely have time to sleep, work on the blog or have free time, but as I told you, I had time to cut my hair! Whoop! It's like the last time I cut my hair, I get all inspired by this new length! Already thinking about outfits that make my hair even more outstanding, haha! It's still a bit weird cause I've never had such short hair, but I love it, both curly and straight! You'll see even better pictures in the following posts! Besides that, I am planning to have a calm and creative weekend, working on LOC, sewing and stuffing myself silly at Suicide Sue! Oh, I'll also be at the Backroom Sale at Wood Wood Berlin, if anyone wants to join? Happy Thursday! xx

jumper - H&M
nailpolish - Essie 'Sole Mate'
lipstick - MAC 'Flat Out Fabulous'


  1. Sieht toll aus, der Lippenstift steht dir ausgezeichnet und deine Augen sind wunderschön!

  2. What a lovely jumper! It looks amazing with your lipstick!

  3. Hi, dear! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Your blog is lovely! Loooooveeeee the sweater and lipstick color! I'm following you on GFC and I hope you will follow me back! :) xoxo

  4. Beautiful lipstick :)

  5. Love the Lipstick color

    New post in

  6. thanks for reading and commenting girls!! I love MAC lipsticks and this one is beyond amazing! xx


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