Saturday, September 20, 2014


pictures by Linda
Good good morning guys! It is finally the weekend! This has been a quite long but interesting week at uni, but still I couldn't wait for today as I'm going to start with my new coat! I already did some pattern construction and now will finalize everything and then start sewing - can't wait! Since the weather got less summery I am constantly thinking about coats, coats, coats and already have a little moodboard in my room with inspiration! Luckily the weather today, isn't that nice as well, so there's no need to go outside, which I totally approve, so I can be more productive! What are your plans for the weekend?

As you can see on my pictures, fall is coming closer and I am super excited about this! The last few days were almost painful as it was so warm and I am in such a fall mood, which means wearing black is just my thing, but not the smartest color to go when it has 25 degrees. Anyways, there were a few days where I could even go for tights again and this means a lot to me! I wore my lovely midi skirt together with a leopard printed tee and a black blazer out of neoprene I got myself while I was in Sweden. This outfit is super classy and somehow it reminded me of the Olsen Twins - fangirling mode on! Recently I love to wear oversized clothes a lot! Pairing boyfriend jeans with oversized blouses, wide midi skirts with oversized t shirts and an oversized blazer on top of it? You name it! It's not that I want to cover up in a huge piece of cloth (although I like the thought of it .. ;-) I just think there are no rules in Fashion, so I don't believe in this rule that prevents you from wearing both oversized items as a top and bottom! I hope you like today's look! Wishing you all a great great weekend! xx

flats - Zara
midi skirt - H&M
top - Zara
blazer - Lindex (bought in Sweden)
hat - H&M
bag - Michael Kors


  1. Sieht wieder toll aus! Besonders toll die Schuhe und der Blazer! Gelungen!


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