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Happy Monday babes! I know, I haven't been blogging for a while now, but I am back on track! The last few days were suuuper busy and stressful as I worked a lot besides uni and didn't get enough sleep so there was just no time to blog, sorry for that! This week is gonna be less busy and more relaxful & there'll be more blogposts, promise! I've been thinking a lot about the blog lately and I have some cool new ideas, so stay tuned for cooperations and more of LOCdesigns

I have a big crush on these mickey mouse shirts that are currently available at H&M and after seeing them for what it feels like a thousand times, I had to get my hands on this one! Ain't it funny? =) I love to add a little twist into my outfits by wearing something funny, girly, childish, whatever. Also, Mickey Mouse is probably THE epitome of comics, right? I paired the top with my black velvet skirt, a beanie and boots. To add a little color I wore a red lippy and clutch bag! Also, I am not sure about my hair right now .. the question is, to whether grow out the bangs or cut them .. and that's a taff one guys ;-) I know that it takes ages to grow them out but on the other hand it's really annoying to keep them when it's windy outside and they're not staying in the same place. I am having lots of fun with putting them aside but I know it's not going to stay like that forever, oh well. Hair problems. Have a great day guys! Lots of love! xx

boots - H&M
skirt - Mango
top - H&M
coat - H&M
clutch - Accessorize
beanie - no name



  1. So, so cool dein outfit! Das gefällt mir wirklich ausgezeichnet!


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