Sunday, September 7, 2014


pictures by Linda
I was dressed all business-y in the city centre last week with my friend Linda for some serious girl talk and pictures =) She's gonna start her own blog within the next few weeks, so make sure to visit her at thequestcollective! Whenever we talk about blogging and that she's starting now, it's weird for me that I am already blogging on tiny LOC blog for more than two years! I feel so old ;-) It's such a long time for what was at first only a hobby and now is a little part-time job that I love to pieces! I had such a productive and fun day today and I can't wait to have even more of these kinda days! After an amazing breakfast on my balcony, just because the weather was truly a blessing (about 28 degrees, heeeeello again summer!) I went to the designer flea market at the voo store with some friends from uni and then took amazing pictures that I can't wait to share with you! Super excited and motivated right now to work work work on LOC!

Concerning today's outfit - I got these pretty cool and comfy pants in Sweden at Lindex. They are absolutely amazing, as they go perfectly with sneakers, just like my new Gaudí ones, or heels for a business meeting. I actually can't wait to wear them again right now =) My new Gaudí sneakers were such a bargain buy back in Austria at my fav. Pop Up Store! I can't believe how many sneakers I own already, I pretty much stocked up in the past few months! All in all, the whole look is super comfortable, sporty and just casual cool - probably the best choice when living in Berlin and running errands every day! I hope you had a great weekend, wishing you happy Sunday evening! xx

sneakers - Gaudí
pants - Lindex Sweden
top - H&M
blazer - vintage
bag - Michael Kors


  1. Sehr hübsch und sieht wirklich sehr komfortabel aus und die Sneakers sind der Hammer! Wenn es nach dem Berliner Designer Michalsky geht dann nur Sneakers!

  2. You look gorgeous honey. The coat is TDF! Stunning look. Perfect.

  3. beautiful casual all look…Such an inspiration and awesome look different from others!

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