Wednesday, September 10, 2014


pictures by Linda

I didn't think I would wear a dress again this season, as I really thought warm degrees and light dresses would be over and I already welcomed fall with open arms but turns out I was wrong, as usual. Last Sunday the weather was super warm and I was desperately looking for something to wear for meeting with friends from uni at the Voo store as there was this designer flea market. I decided to go for this boucle dress I bought at Mango's a while ago but never really knew how to pair it. It's so chic and cute but I must admit, it has a weird cut. You might think it's super comfy as it's just straight cut, but together with those big pockets, the little neckline and the puffed sleeves make me look like I don't have any curves, as well as it makes me look really well-behaved. Although this is not the problem, as I am well-behaved ;-) and I sometimes like to wear plain clothes. Anyway, to help this dress look a bit cooler and fresh, I paired it with my black mules and burgundy colored Gaudí bag in an echo of the upcoming fall season. I must admit that I am still not 100% sure about this dress, but I liked how the pictures turned out and maybe I will wear it again next season and pair it with sneakers or whatsoever.

I hope you all had a great week so far, I am currently struggling a bit with time management, as I'm either at uni, or out and about with friends. Yesterday one of my besties from Austria came over to visit me, so we're gonna do bits of sightseeing and just talk and eat - eek! But this is why my blogposts became a bit irregular, I'll work on it - no worries! Hope you like today's pictures - there'll be a special blogpost this week, can't wait to share it with you! Happy Humpday! xx

mules - H&M
boucle dress - Mango
bag - Gaudí


  1. The dress looks great, but I adore your bag - the colours are beautiful!

  2. Super, steht dir ausgezeichnet das Kleid und die Tasche dazu macht es waow!

  3. Beautiful! Love your dress! :)

    Sam x

  4. thank you guys for your lovely comments :) i wasnt sure about this dress but I quite like it now :) xx


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