Monday, September 22, 2014


FUNNY FACE Hello lovlies! As you've probably seen on my Instagram, I did a little experiment with my hair yesterday as in turning the ends of it pink by using hair chalk. One of my friends got herself a whole pastel box with these chalks and was kind enough to lend me one =) I wasn't really afraid or anything, as I knew that it would fade away after washing my hair once, and of course because I did this with Anni a while ago. Her hair looked amazing with pink ends, and I definitely wanted to go for pastel pink as well! I felt quite hipster and reminded myself on Avril Lavigne but really loved my hair as they looked like cotton candy and made the whole look I wore something special. Fall definitely hit town and I am more than happy about this matter of fact! I love how outfit pictures turn out with a nice fall-ish background and lots of yellow / brown leaves. Also I am so ready to wear capes and scarves and all those lovely knitted accessories from now on! Game on!

Besides, this is the first look I shot together with my flatmate and the pictures turned out AMAZING. What do you guys think? It's always funny to shoot with new friends and I am crazy in love with the pictures and the surrounding. You can definitely stay tuned for even more looks shot by him! 
I hope you all had a great weekend; mine was beyond relaxing and because I don't have any uni today I will keep it casual and meet up with the girls for brunch in the next hour! Lots of love, xx

Saturday, September 20, 2014


pictures by Linda
Good good morning guys! It is finally the weekend! This has been a quite long but interesting week at uni, but still I couldn't wait for today as I'm going to start with my new coat! I already did some pattern construction and now will finalize everything and then start sewing - can't wait! Since the weather got less summery I am constantly thinking about coats, coats, coats and already have a little moodboard in my room with inspiration! Luckily the weather today, isn't that nice as well, so there's no need to go outside, which I totally approve, so I can be more productive! What are your plans for the weekend?

As you can see on my pictures, fall is coming closer and I am super excited about this! The last few days were almost painful as it was so warm and I am in such a fall mood, which means wearing black is just my thing, but not the smartest color to go when it has 25 degrees. Anyways, there were a few days where I could even go for tights again and this means a lot to me! I wore my lovely midi skirt together with a leopard printed tee and a black blazer out of neoprene I got myself while I was in Sweden. This outfit is super classy and somehow it reminded me of the Olsen Twins - fangirling mode on! Recently I love to wear oversized clothes a lot! Pairing boyfriend jeans with oversized blouses, wide midi skirts with oversized t shirts and an oversized blazer on top of it? You name it! It's not that I want to cover up in a huge piece of cloth (although I like the thought of it .. ;-) I just think there are no rules in Fashion, so I don't believe in this rule that prevents you from wearing both oversized items as a top and bottom! I hope you like today's look! Wishing you all a great great weekend! xx

Monday, September 15, 2014


One thing I love about fall is layering. I am one of those girls that's always freezing, even in summer time. Last week I was out and about exploring Berlin a bit with my girl from Austria, and the weather wasn't that nice, so I decided to go for a sporty chic look with my new white Nike Ultra Air Force that I am craaaazy about. I've always wanted these, as they look so cool & sporty and go with everything. I got them here and it was the last pair in my size - lucky me! To brighten up this grey day I chose to wear my baby blue Lackofcolordesigns coat, but as it's out of such light material, I had to help myself and wear a three colored knitted vest underneath. But still, it was too cold, so I covered everything with this cosy beige scarf from Zara. Layering from it's finest! I love how long and wide the scarf is. In the second picture I look tiny, but I love to wear something that is all over me and covers almost all parts of my body ;-)

As I told you, I've been struggling a bit with time management and still don't know how often there'll be time for tiny LOC blog, but since fall is coming closer, I am getting more and more motivated to blog as much as possible. I am already pairing boots, tights, dresses, jackets, coats in my head and can't wait for the weather to be more fall-ish! I've also watched a few of my fav. designers fashion shows via live stream and really think I should sew something in the near future! So many plans, so little time. That's it for today, I hope you had a great weekend, thanks for reading! xx

Saturday, September 13, 2014


portraits shot by Linda
Hello lovlies! Already told you last weekend that I shot a special post for LOC, and here it is =) I bought myself this amazing red lipstick by YSL in summer and absolutely love it. It's my second YSL and I think they are amazing. The lipsticks are quite soft and at first I had to get used to it but it makes applying the color so easy and it looks just chic. I knew that I wanted to create a different look for this new lippy and asked my girl Linda helping me to create this vamp look, which you can see on the pictures =) If you follow LOC for a while now, you might know that I'm not really into working on my make up skills, as I always look the same - always with mascara and eyeliner, but not just because I'm too lazy, because I still love it, even after almost two years! Hehe =) Anyways, Linda did these fancy smoky eyes and I think it looks perfect with the lipstick and the whole scenery of the pictures - let me know what you think in the comment section!

It's already Saturday and I've been living in Berlin for three weeks - eek! I had great days with my friend who came visiting me, we did some shopping, light sightseeing and had food, food, food! I am now off to work, wishing you all a great weekend! xx

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


pictures by Linda

I didn't think I would wear a dress again this season, as I really thought warm degrees and light dresses would be over and I already welcomed fall with open arms but turns out I was wrong, as usual. Last Sunday the weather was super warm and I was desperately looking for something to wear for meeting with friends from uni at the Voo store as there was this designer flea market. I decided to go for this boucle dress I bought at Mango's a while ago but never really knew how to pair it. It's so chic and cute but I must admit, it has a weird cut. You might think it's super comfy as it's just straight cut, but together with those big pockets, the little neckline and the puffed sleeves make me look like I don't have any curves, as well as it makes me look really well-behaved. Although this is not the problem, as I am well-behaved ;-) and I sometimes like to wear plain clothes. Anyway, to help this dress look a bit cooler and fresh, I paired it with my black mules and burgundy colored Gaudí bag in an echo of the upcoming fall season. I must admit that I am still not 100% sure about this dress, but I liked how the pictures turned out and maybe I will wear it again next season and pair it with sneakers or whatsoever.

I hope you all had a great week so far, I am currently struggling a bit with time management, as I'm either at uni, or out and about with friends. Yesterday one of my besties from Austria came over to visit me, so we're gonna do bits of sightseeing and just talk and eat - eek! But this is why my blogposts became a bit irregular, I'll work on it - no worries! Hope you like today's pictures - there'll be a special blogpost this week, can't wait to share it with you! Happy Humpday! xx

Sunday, September 7, 2014


pictures by Linda
I was dressed all business-y in the city centre last week with my friend Linda for some serious girl talk and pictures =) She's gonna start her own blog within the next few weeks, so make sure to visit her at thequestcollective! Whenever we talk about blogging and that she's starting now, it's weird for me that I am already blogging on tiny LOC blog for more than two years! I feel so old ;-) It's such a long time for what was at first only a hobby and now is a little part-time job that I love to pieces! I had such a productive and fun day today and I can't wait to have even more of these kinda days! After an amazing breakfast on my balcony, just because the weather was truly a blessing (about 28 degrees, heeeeello again summer!) I went to the designer flea market at the voo store with some friends from uni and then took amazing pictures that I can't wait to share with you! Super excited and motivated right now to work work work on LOC!

Concerning today's outfit - I got these pretty cool and comfy pants in Sweden at Lindex. They are absolutely amazing, as they go perfectly with sneakers, just like my new Gaudí ones, or heels for a business meeting. I actually can't wait to wear them again right now =) My new Gaudí sneakers were such a bargain buy back in Austria at my fav. Pop Up Store! I can't believe how many sneakers I own already, I pretty much stocked up in the past few months! All in all, the whole look is super comfortable, sporty and just casual cool - probably the best choice when living in Berlin and running errands every day! I hope you had a great weekend, wishing you happy Sunday evening! xx

Friday, September 5, 2014


Berlin! As I've proudly announced on my social media, I took the pictures for my room tour last week as I still had holidays and lots of time. I've been living in Berlin for almost two weeks now and it felt like home from the first day on. The reason could be my amazing room in this amazing flat, in this city that offers just everything, or my lovely flatmates ;-) . I guess it's all together! I wanted my room to be super cosy but it should also have a part where I can concentrate and work for tiny LOC blog, sew and work for uni of course. I don't really use Pinterest as I am too lazy, but if you follow some interior designers on Instagram, you're definitely prepared when it comes to furnish a room. Most of my furniture is from either my parents or sisters; especially my pink little wardrobe is a super old one from my parents when they were my age. 

Honestly, it's a little weird to do a room tour 3.0, as that means, I've been moving three times within my blogging career which lasts about 2.5 years now. Crazy, but I think I'll never get tired of moving and discovering new cities, as long as I've got a place/room of my own where I can come back and be all by myself =) I'm all touchy again today, haha! 

I hope youre all doing fine and you're enjoying the last bits of sunshine in September! The weather is pretty good in Berlin, what are your plans for the weekend? xx

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Happy September guys! Isn't it weird that 'summer' is over and in four months it's already christmas? I kinda thought about that yesterday on my first day of uni - time passes by so quickly, it's a little overwhelming I'd say. In Austria / Germany there was not much of a summer, while in Sweden I had 30 degrees almost every single day; but still, I think this summer was different to all the others, and now that we've all said our goodbyes to all these precious summer memories, we can start again, all inspired and motivated for this years fall season. I remember back in March when me and my girl Linda did the qualifying test at uni and now we started. I had an incredible first day, felt like back at school with all those cool kiddos and as I told you in my previous post - I am pretty much inspired and ready to work harder than ever because of all those amazing people I got to know in the past 24 hours. Sometimes you gotta love life =) 

Today's outfit shows you my beloved Karl Lagerfeld clutch that I bought back in Austria in a Designer Outlet. The color is just magical and the little hole details make it super special and outstanding. At first, I wasn't sure of how to pair it, but I am a sucker for black and blue so I went for this color combo, where surprisingly the bag is still a real eyecatcher. We shot these pictures in August, so the weather was still good enough for wearing culottes and mules which I already miss in fall season. I didn't wear them enough this summer, especially in Sweden, as I was always rushing by bike from one place to another, so there was no occassion to wear mules and culottes. I'll be sure to give these pants another try for fall -  thinking about wearing them with some amazing boots and a biker jacket or cape! Stay tuned! Hope you had a great start into this week! xx
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