Thursday, August 14, 2014


This summer was different to my usual ones as I saw a lot of cities in such a short time as well as got to know amazing people from all over the world. The last summers were all about doing internships & being with my girlfriends out and about or at the lake. This year I decided to work abroad and visit a few cities always with my camera in my bag of course. After my four week stay in Varberg, Sweden, I took the bus to Oslo where my parents stayed for a few days as a holiday. They showed me around this beautiful town and I fell in love with it, as if it was the first time. My heart must be all confused as I fell in love with Dresden, Gothenburg and now Oslo - they're all by the water of course. We stayed in Oslo another one and a half days and then took the ferry to Kiel in Germany, but I'm gonna tell you more about this little adventure in another post.

Oslo looks quite big from above, as we had drinks in the Radisson Blu hotel on the 21st floor, and the view was amazing. Must admit, I've never been in a hotel bar that near to the clouds, but liked it a lot. I had a stroll around the city with my mum, checking out the shops of course and then the whole family had dinner at the opera which you can see on the second picture. Isn't this place magical? I love it's architecture, you should have seen it from the inside - on every corner there was something new to explore and I loved that you could go round the building and see almost the whole city. In the bottom of the opera house there was a slope where people just relaxed, enjoyed the sun and dangled their feet into the water, me included of course =) Hope you like my postcard from Oslo, thanks for reading and a happy Humpday! xx


  1. Eine grandiose Stadt, viel junge Leute und auch architektonische viel zu sehen. Eine sehr lebhafte, schöne Stadt.

  2. Im Moment läuft bei mir eine Blogvorstellung und ich würde mich freuen,
    wenn du vorbeischauen würdest! :)
    Liebe Grüße, Laura ❋
    Hier geht’s zur Blogvorstellung


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