Sunday, August 24, 2014


'We always rearrange a dream, when it is not a success'
So I'm now based in Berlin, as you can see from my pretty instagram shots. I dunno why, but it's a big deal for me, and probably also for my friends as I got this lovely girly t shirt from Liebeskind Berlin from one of my besties Amy - which I  turned into a cool Berlin-ish outfit for you guys. We shot these images back in Austria, because there wouldn't have been any time to do it in Berlin. After a nine hour journey I arrived safe and sound with my parents and A LOT of luggage in the city, but now, 24 hours later, my room is finished - who would have thought? I'm so gonna do a room tour as soon as possible, as I love everything about my new home. There are still some bits missing, but I've got pretty much everything I need to survive ;-) I should probably don't think too much about living here for now, as it's a bit scary, and so I thought talking about dreams would be right. 

First of all, I never thought about living in Germany until I didn't get in Journalism Uni in Austria. That was in my last year of school, where everything was pretty stressful. I started studying Publicism in Vienna but soon found out that this was way too boring for me. I wasn't really happy with my studies, wanted more and applied again for this special Journalism Uni, but failed. Came home, pretty knackered and had big doubts about my choice of work and basically my whole future. I kind of thought the whole universe would tell me I should stop acting like a fool and find my 'real' passion, as writing might not be my thing. Oh well, I really tried to find something else until I realized, fashion is my passion. It doesn't have to be just writing about it, but creating it, being with it and working with other people in fashion. I gave it a last try and googled all kinds of Unis that offer studies in Fashion and found a lot: from fashion journalism or fashion, luxury & retail management to cloth design. If you follow me for a while know, you might know that I got into Uni in Berlin for Fashion Journalism, and I'm actually starting in one week already! I always knew that my passion is fashion, but I think I started a little wrong and now I'm hopefully on the right track, by just rearranging my dream, in terms of residence and uni. My life has always been in Austria, until I realized that there's so much more for me to explore. After being in Munich for nine months, I wanted to go further (as in further up north ;-) , so here I am, next stop: Berlin. I am all excited and scared of what the future will bring, but I guess I'm all in and just have to wait and see what happens. One thing I learned in the past years is to not give up and risk something!

A quite touchy sunday post, but suddenly it overcame me! Have a great day! xx

white sneakers - Zara
fake leather shorts - gift by Anni
backpack - H&M
t-shirt - Liebeskind Berlin / gift by Amy
bomber jacket - Mango
sunnies - Rayban



  1. Cooles Outfit, passt perfekt zu Berlin! Alles sehr stimmig und lässig, gratuliere!

  2. Ich liebe dein Outfit - du siehst toll aus!

  3. Great outfit. Now I´m following you too

  4. Hello:)
    This is a lovely blog, love this post!
    Would you like to follow each other maybe, on GFC / FB?
    Follow me if yes, then let me know, I'll follow back instantly!;)

  5. Great style ! Love the look !
    If you like we can follow eachohter on bloglovin or facebook ? Let me know :)

  6. thank you lovlies :) so happy to finally start from scratch in berlin now! xx

  7. Cool tee!


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