Sunday, August 31, 2014


NOT. You might have seen this amazingly beautiful oldschool leather jacket on my Instagram already. In this case, new isn't always better (referring to HIMYM of course!) cause it's a quite old biker jacket from my mum and she gave it to me about a month ago cause I desperately wanted an oldschool-bomber-biker-kinda-jacket ;-) The shoulders are quite bulky, in fact, the whole jacket is super bomber but the different shades of brown and the totally used look make it such a special piece. Because of that, I decided to pair it all simple with a long black dress, loafers and my RayBan sunnies. I love a good vintage item, and this jacket might become my new fall favorite as fashion this season is all about brown! I'm not much into brown but lately my heart skips a beat whenever I see something brown, mocca, or beige colored =) What do you think?

Talking about new is always better - for me, uni starts tomorrow and I am as excited as I think I was when I was a little dwarf starting school more than ten years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't get a colourfully decorated cardboardcone filled with sweets and small gifts, that kids usually get on their veryfirst day of school, but I'm still happy and motivated to start from scratch again. It's funny how I am still excited about lots of things, such as breakfast this morning, as Sundays are always my 'fancy breakfast' kinda days where I skip the porridge and get myself croissants and stuff. I've been living in Berlin for a week now, and I've been excited about everything. We went out playing table football this week and I haven't done this in years so I was all excited, as well as going climbing with my flatmates made me happy like a little clam! To be all honest, I wasn't really in the mood to blog this week (although I did it), as I just wanted to settle down and not think about work/blogging. It worked out pretty good, I had such a busy but fun week and now that uni starts tomorrow (and I'll be surrounded by people working in Fashion), I am preeeetty sure, I'll be constantly thinking about the blog, get inspired and work work work! 

I hope you all had a great week / weekend, thank you guys for always motivating me and see you soon on tiny LOC blog =)  

flats - H&M
dress - borrowed off my mum / vintage
bag - Forever21

sunnies - Rayban
leather jacket - vintage


  1. Echt cool die Lederjacke und die schwarzen Teile dazu sehen toll aus!!

  2. Me gusta mucho el look!
    Muy guapa. Besos

  3. Die Jacke ist der Wahnsinn Maus!! Tollen Geschmack hat deine Mami! ;)

  4. thanks a lot girls - loving that bomber biker jacket :) xx


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