Wednesday, August 6, 2014


pictures by Doris

Good good morning guys! It's actually quite early and I'm writing this post, having coffee by my side while the sun is shining on my face. I found this blue dress in Gothenburg, it was a real bargain and I just had to get it! As I just said, it's a super early Wednesday morning and I only have two days left in Varberg, which makes me a little sad but happy at the same time. 

On one hand, when I came here, I wanted these four weeks to be over asap cause I couldn't wait to move to Berlin and start all over again, new city, new people, new uni, new chapter in life, new new new! On the other hand I didn't want my time in Sweden to rush by with me not noticing that this is an amazing opportunity and I can see parts of the world and make friends over here! So you can see I was in a weird place when I came here, and now that it's over, I remind myself on little Carmen, when I was fourteen and had a similar dilemma. Back in the days, I had my heart broken for the first time, went on holiday to Sweden with my family for a few weeks and in fall I would start Fashion School. I remember me feeling really weird, couldn't really deal with all the things that happened, feeling like this summer would change me a lot and I definitely think it has; both in 2007 and now.

I don't exactly know what changed inside me, but I had so much time to think about what I want in life and that I am at a point where I should try and live my own fantasy without thinking that others might think I'm crazy, also work hard for it and learn how to deal with problems, ups on downs and don't be that insecure anymore. I always knew what I wanted but have to admit that I struggled a bit with my decisions in the past few weeks, was really insecure and just not sure if they were the right ones and if they would led somewhere. Now I can say, I'm quite happy with what's going on and that I feel like I came to Sweden as a little girly girl walking through life with googly eyes, and now come back as a woman, knowing what she wants and how to get that. I'm writing this reeaaally touchy post today, as I know I've got more female readers (and I might be totally inspired by "I am that Girl") and maybe some of you feel the same and like to read my thoughts on being in Sweden all by myself. I worked a lot here, I got to know amazing people, I ate way too much food, that's why there are no bikini shots anymore haha =) and I feel different as well as I've got a different point of view on a few things now.

I can't wait to hear your feedback on the pictures - I am super happy with the result and hope you like them as well! I am now off to work, my last two days of work and then will head over to Gothenburg on Friday for a shoot with a Swedish blogger & photographer! Stay tuned for a few more Sweden posts, I had no wifi in the past few days, that's why everything's taking a while right now! Happy humpday! xx


  1. I think you're incredibly lucky and brave at the same time to be living alone in a foreign country. Hope you'll have a great time in berlin too and make great memories the same way as you did with Sweden :)
    ps you look like a goddess in these photos *_*

  2. Sembri una sirena, foto molto belle!

  3. Gorgeous dress! Love the reflection in the water too :)

  4. Tolle Bilder und das Kleid und die Farbe steht dir ausgezeichnet. Hat was magisches!

  5. thanks a lot to all of you :) i had so much fun shooting with this dress and love how the pictures turned out! xx


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