Friday, August 22, 2014


Sometimes it feels like I haven't blogged in days or weeks because so many things happened since my last blogpost; or in today's case, it feels like days cause I had so much stuff to do and I can't believe that all this happened within two days. I did not really notice that 'moving day' would come so soon, and I always kept saying 'yeah, we're gonna do this..'  'I'll make time for you of course ..' 'we've got plenty of time left before I move .. ' but I didn't. I know, I'm not gonna be out of the world, no no, but it takes quite a while to come home or come to see my friends in Vienna, so I tried to see them as much as possible in the last few days. We went for coffees, food, talked in my house where everything's looking like a mess right now - deciding which sofa I should take with me cause it's a hard decision to whether take the beige or the snow-white one ;-) - looking through my wardrobe throwing away old pieces that brought up so many memories just like Carrie did when she moved in with Big - and we attended a poledance class together - probably the most fun and painful sport I've ever tried! =D

On top of it all, the weather was quite alright these past two days, so I leaped at the chance to wear my summer clothes again, probably for the last time. I decided to wear this green jumpsuit with a vintage brown bag, little belt to accentuate my waist and bordeaux colored heels that remind me of Autumn. I've been loving jumpsuits this summer, got myself a little selection already and love how versatile they are. You can pair them all sporty with sneakers and a casual cross-body bag, as well as put on cute heels and a lace top underneath for going out. I hope you all had a great week - my next post will be all the way up from Berlin, probably written in my pretty room, sitting on my pretty little chair with this gorgeous fake fur thingy on, there'll be a room tour of course =) Have a great great day and don't forget to follow me on Instagram - moving shots and chaos - predetermined! xx 

heels - Zara
jumpsuit - Zara
lace top - H&M
bag - vintage



  1. Love jumpsiut!

  2. You have sooo many beautiful clothes! To bad we only had time to meet up once while you were here

  3. Ein schöner Jumpsuit, ich liebe diese Art von Kleidung du bist immer super gekleidet und mit den richtigen Accessoires kannst du jeden Jumpsuit toll stylen, wie man bei dir sieht!

  4. love the jumsuit!

  5. Very pretty! Love the jumpsuit! :)


  6. thank you folks for your sweet comments :)


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