Saturday, July 26, 2014


pictures by Kathrin

I did not know how to call this blogpost.. I sat in front of my computer while editing and "touristy" came to my mind all the time but I wanted something better and fresher .. turns out when your mind is stuck to something, you can't change it at all, even if you try. Thats the look I wore some time this week when it was really hot and I met up with lovely Kathrin! We went to the spa for aaaages and then had amazingly delicious burgers, I choose the veggie one with Halloumi - oh my god! My outfit that day: an oversized black blouse, a backpack that is absolutely necessary in Sweden when you are constantly cycling everywhere, my fav. hat from Lackofcolour Australia that I got myself for my 21st birthday and simple white platform sandals (that are currently on sale!). It's such an easy look but all black is and always will be modern, right?

As I love love love to plan things, I am currently sitting in front of a list of stuff I need to bring with me to Berlin. I know, I'll be moving in less than four weeks but still .. I love to plan everything in advance. Already planned to meet lots of friends when I'm coming home, go swimming, meet my sister in Vienna, have a baby party with some friends from school etc. Anyways, I am surfing the web all over to find nice and affordable things for my new apartment and found this , which are lots of pillows; and I really want my future bed to be all over cosy pillows in different sizes! So tempted to buy it straight away =) Have a great great weekend readers!

platform sandals - Zign c/o Zalando
blouse - H&M
pants underneath - H&M
hat - LOC Australia
sunnies - RayBan Wayfarer
backpack - H&M


  1. Der Rucksack ist vielleicht cool, der passt überall und das gesamte outfit ist lässig, toll!

  2. Klasse Outfit. Der Rucksack ist so wow.

    Love Minnja -

  3. you look really great.
    nice hat.


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