Monday, July 14, 2014


I've decided to do something new on LOC - as I'll be visiting a few cities this summer, I thought it would be nice to prepare a virtual postcard - blogpost for you! Be gentle with me, this is the first one and I already have some improvements on my mind =) I've been to Dresden last week as you've probably seen on my Instagram and I fell in love with this city! Although most of the time it was raining, I really enjoyed all those old buildings, really big market squares and of course a city by a river is basically the dream. Water gives every city a little magical touch I'd say and Dresden really got that one! So here are a few pictures, I shot while staying there with my parents for one day! I also prepared a full outfit post for you which will probably go live wednesday =)

I am currently sat in my little wooden house in Sweden drinking coffee; it's early morning while I'm writing this and the sun is shining into my room and I would love to go to the beach straight away. I arrived yesterday afternoon after a quite long and exhausting journey (just because my suitcase was so heavy - I know, it's my fault). So today's my first day of work here and I don't know what will come but make sure you follow me and I'll try to capture the best moments here in lovely Sweden! Happy Monday! xx


  1. lovely pictures!!!

  2. I love your beanie Miss! it looks rad with your denim jacket! ;)

  3. Dresden ist eine tolle Stadt, da gibt es viel zu Erkunden und wie man sieht bist du optimal angezogen!

  4. Ja, Zeit heilt ja angeblich alles und ich glaube da auch dran. Auch wenn es uns momentan vielleicht schwer fallen mag, da müssen wir durch :) Ich wünsche dir alles Gute und viel Kraft für alles :)

    Liebst, ina

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  5. Gorgeous photos and amazing outfit! I'm loving the edgy chic of the toque paired with the denim jacket :) Also love the beautiful scenery of Dresden, I must visit it one day :)

    xx Debbie

  6. This look is so egdy. I love it. So fresh and cool. Dresden is a great City btw. :)
    Maybe you would like to follow and support each other via GFC? Just let me know and I'll follow u right back.

    xx Lori

  7. Dresden? Is that in Germany? I hear Germany has amazing soft pretzels hahahah. Is that true? Also, do you live in Sweden? I'll have to get all my tips of places to visit from you! I really want to go to Sweden, I just have no idea what to do once I get there haha. But, there are so many awesome good priced apartments to rent on! I just sit and look at them alllll day haha. Also, that coconut ice cream wasn't very good and didn't taste very coconutty. Haha. Always a disappointment.
    the little diary

    1. Haha :) yeah Dresden is in Germany, indeed! Well I quite like the normal pretzels, but I guess the soft ones are good as well :) I am currently "living" in Sweden, but only for 4 weeks - I can only recommend you going to Sweden, its amazing!! I live in a small town near Gothenburg but you need to check out all the fantastic places like Stockholm, Lund, Gothenburg, etc :) its worth it! youll find something to live - it will be fine :) xx

  8. thank you :) so happy that you like that kinda posts , so im gonna prepare a few more :) xx


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