Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Although I love these pictures and this outfit, I can't get deny I am already dreaming of fall since a few days. I know it's super crazy, whilst everybody is enjoying their summer, loving the sun, being at the beach and sipping cocktails, I am already a bit in the mood for a few rainy days, trenchcoats, after work drinks and intense fall shopping. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love summer, but fall has always been my fav. time of the year. In terms of fashion, it's just the most interesting one I'd say. I love summer trends, but sometimes I just like to wear 'more', as in, great dresses, tights, heels, trenchcoats, maybe a little furry scarf, you get me. In summertime you just wear shorts and tops or a dress and sandals everyday and after about 6 weeks I get a little bored off it, or I am not creative enough with my summer wardrobe.

Anyways, in the past few posts I showed you little treasures I found in my mum's closet, and this pair of shorts is another one from designer Bernd Berger. Aren't they amazing? I absolutely love them and think they go perfect with my white blouse that I bought a few weeks ago in sale at Mango's. And since I'm not much into sandals, I wore my white sneakers that I miss like crazy here in Sweden. Wish I had taken them with me! It's good that I'm coming home next week cause I already miss my overcrowded wardrobe =) Happy Humpday! All the best, xx

sneakers - Zara
shorts - Bernd Berger
bag - Satchel
shirt - Mango



  1. Super genial, die Kombination von chic und sportlich passt hier fantastisch. Die Shorts ├╝brigens steht dir ausgezeichnet!

  2. great outfit :)

  3. Love this look so much! White and red can never go wrong together. Love your shoes x

  4. Lovely outfit, especially the white shirt x
    Would you like to follow each other, dear? Let me know! :)

    Head Enough

  5. I'm lusting for Summer! I hace 2 more months left of Winter! You look lovely! Great outfit! :)
    Obsessed Fashion Blog


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