Thursday, July 3, 2014


Hello lovlies! As you've probably seen on my instagram, I FINALLY got myself a pair of boyfriend jeans. If you were hanging out with me in the last two months you'd know that I've been craving for a pair of boyfriends, but never found a perfect one that looked nice and was my available in my size. Always been on a hunt with Anni after work to find one, but I was never satisfied. I gave up about two weeks ago and then saw this one at Zara on my last day in Munich and had to get it! I still think it's a little big, or it's just me who's not used to wearing jeans that low and loose. Anyways, I wanted to style them a little bohemian chic and even remind myself a little of the Olsen Twins who are next to Audrey Hepburn my fav. style icons. I've been loving jeans recently and whenever I go into a shop now, I always look at the denim section if there's a nice pair for me. Even my family noticed that I love to wear jeans more than I used to and if you want to find yourself a nice pair of skinny jeans, I've already been eyeing this one on Cecil. I still want a straight cut pair of jeans and this one's a real bargain! I paired my boyfriend beauty with black loafers, a black shirt, hat and jacket. What do you think about this casual cool combination?

Besides that I spoiled myself loads in the past two weeks (did some intense shopping, had way too much delicious food and celebrated LOC's birthday) I am now stuck in bed with a bad flu and I am quite angry about the timing this flu has. I slept the whole day to be back on track by tomorrow, as I am visiting one of my sisters in Austria and on Saturday it's my teeny tiny birthday party! I might not have told you yet, but I'm turning 21 on Sunday and it's kinda a big deal for me. 21! Whoop! Hopefully I'll feel better on the weekend as I really don't want to stay in bed on my birthday! Hope you're all doing fine guys! lots of love!

loafers - Zara
jeans - Zara
top - H&M
bag - Mango
hat - H&M
blazer - vintage


  1. Hi Gorgeous
    I love your blog You have great idea's of styling
    Lets follow each other ?
    Please let me know I blog about latest trends and lifestyle
    Irena D

  2. Super cooles outfit, und die Boyfriend Jeans steht dir ausgezeichnet!

  3. Very beautiful and inspiring post! enjoyed reading it! ♥

    New style post on the blog dear! ^_^

  4. This outfit is simply amazing. And I really like your blog, so you just got a new follower!

  5. you always look great Carmen :)


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