pictures by Linda
After my stay in Dresden and before going to Sweden, I was in Berlin and really enjoyed being in that city again! Missed it already as the last time was weeks ago and whenever I see bits of this city I already feel at home. Stopped by my new apartment and then met lovely Linda for burgers and drinks in the evening. In between we shot these pictures of my outfit from that day! Just simply wearing my doc's, a white tee and sparkling jacket! We had asian burgers that evening and it was delicious! If you're ever in Berlin, make sure to stop by district môt, it's worth it!

I'm having today off, so I will probably head to the beach and just relax, work a bit on LOC and read 'gone girl', which I can only recommend to all of you! The movie is coming into the cinemas sometime in fall and I couldn't wait for it, so had to read the book asap! I hope you're all doing fine wherever you are :) All the best, xx

doc martens
pants - Zara
top - Mango
jacket - borrowed off Linda - Zara
bag - Forever21


  1. amazing jacket, love it<3
    Thanks for checking out my blog, dear:)
    I am your follower on GFC(88)

  2. we're absolutely obsessed with your jacket, it's definitely the highlight of this outfit. we're going to have to hunt it down. We love the embellishments!!

  3. I LOVE this look so Berlin!! ;) Miss you! xxx

    1. haha you're so cute lauren!! miss you!!! xx

  4. amazing outfit :)
    great shoes :)

  5. Super cooles Outfit :) und Berlin ist echt einfch so schön und eine der coolsten Städte überhaupt! Und voll toll, dass du da Modejournalismus studierst! Machst du das Studium auf ner privaten? oder wo? und was machst du in Schweden:)? Schweden is einfach eines der schönsten Länder!! Genieß deine Zeit :)

    xx Selina

    1. Hey :) vielen lieben Dank! Ich liebe Berlin - fange dort an der AMD an! in Schweden arbeite ich in einem Hotel für 4 Wochen :) ganz simpler Sommerjob!

      Liebste Grüße xx

  6. Einfach nur toll das Blouson ist genial und mit den docMartens der Hammer super outfit!

  7. I love your bejeweled jacket, it's so gorgeous and such a lovely color! What a standout piece

    xo freshfizzle


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