Heyo guys! As I said, here's the whole outfit post from my all denim outfit I wore last week in Dresden. At first, I didn't think these jeans would go with this light denim jacket but in the end I really liked that combination of two different denim washings. What do you think? Gladly, I still don't own a case for my camera and so my lovely Nikon is always covered in my black beanie which is perfect in case it starts raining heavily, like last Friday ;-) Since I cut the bangs again, rain is kinda my enemy and so it's perfect to have a beanie with me nearly every day. I guess I looked really touristy that day with my all denim look, beanie and big shopper bag in case I buy something but it was perfect for a day in town, exploring the city!

Sooo .. it's already Wednesday, I am about to prepare breakfast with the best Swedish crunchy muesli ever (called Start!) and then head over to work. I had a day off yesterday and spent the time with Rachel at the Spa and having hot chocolate later on - it was really relaxing and just perfect! I still need to get used to going by bike everywhere, already have some aching muscles from jogging and cycling but it's fun and the Swedes are definitely healthy and sporty people so they always encourage you to do even more! Happy Humpday guys and thanks for reading! xx


  1. So toll, der Denim look steht dir ausgezeichnet, tolle Stadt schöne Bilder!

  2. Cooler denim allover look - würdest damit perfekt in meine aktuelle "monochrome collection" passen :-) ... Wahnsinn aber, dass Du im Sommer mit Mütze rumlaufen musst!! - Liebe Grüße aus Wien,


  3. Wow so ein tolles lässiges Outfit! Ich liebe denim on denim Looks :) Und du siehst traumhaft schön aus auf den Bildern!! :*

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Joana

  4. fabulous<3
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  5. i would love to visit there sometime it seems like a great place!

    Jump Into Puddles

  6. I love this casual look, and the wash of your jeans is lovely :)
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  7. Cute look, I love how the beanie and sneakers give the all-denim ensemble that extra edge!

    The Marcy Stop

  8. thank you guys! so grateful for everyone commenting :) xx

  9. I likey.. Cute casual look.


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