Wednesday, June 4, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs

Finally a new post! I have to say that the past four days were pretty bad for me and I wasn't really in the mood to work on anything, including LOC. I feel a bit bad about it cause my blog is my baby and I'm really sorry but when you have a bad day, (or a few bad days) you just want to listen to music and lie in bed thinking about the world, your life, goals and make plans for the future. That's mainly what I did in the past few days except of my internship of course. But I am back on track with this outfit that I wore yesterday - look at those black culottes, aren't they amazing? I love love love them since I saw similar ones on intothefoldfashion and checked up on pinterest nearly every day. I was browsing through all of my fav onlineshops but didn't find any nice ones so I just waited and three weeks ago, as I was looking for a new outfit for the Stylight party I found these black ones at H&M and had to get my hands on them immediately. They were a bit too big so I altered them and now they fit and I am super happy! I think they will be my new go-to piece for casual summer evenings so stay tuned for more outfits!

I paired my pants with a simple black tee and black casual wedges. Thanks to Anni and her latest lipstick crush  I trundled out 'diva' by MAC and again fell for it. In the past few weeks I've been loving to have pink, orange or peach lips but when she became completely obsessed with really, really dark lips I couldn't help myself but wear mine again and I think it's perfect for this outfit. That's it for today - hope you like the pictures! Happy Humpday! xx

wedges - CCC
pants - H&M
top - H&M
bag - Monki via Asos
sunnies - Mango
jacket - Ullmann Fashion
lipstick - diva by MAC


  1. I might have to pick these culottes up. They're perfect!

  2. Ich hoffe es geht dir besser....Lass dich nicht von irgendwelchen Problemen ärgern. Überleg erst mal ob diese Situation auch in einem Jahr für dich relevant wär und wenn nicht fuck off.
    Viele liebe Grüße,
    Jana (

    1. danke liebe Jana, du hast vollkommen recht, ich musste mir nur einfach wieder bewusst werden was wichtig ist :-) xx

  3. wunderschönes outfit wie immer <3

  4. Beautiful! I love those culottes, styled perfectly. Love your lipstick too!

  5. I love culottes! Your look is uber cool!

  6. Cooles outfit, auch diese Art von Hosen stehen dir ausgezeichnet! Sehr toll, lg

  7. big big thanks to all of you :) love my black culottes so much and always enjoy reading your comments! xx


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