Friday, June 6, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
Okay .. I'll admit, my latest crush in terms of music is the new Paolo Nutini album. Seriously, how amazing is 'scream' ? Not only that this guy and his voice are quite hot ;-) , this song just makes you feel happy and good within a minute. You know I had a few bad days but when I posted my last blogpost and read all of your comments, especially Jana's I had to smile and instantly didn't feel that sad and alone anymore. I reminded myself on the good things and seriously, I've got so much to be thankful for so there's no need to worry about anything! Coming back to this song, which is constantly on repeat on my IPod at the moment as it's the perfect pre-summer song. YES, I call this peroid of time pre-summer as I am still not sure about how long it will actually stay warm. BUT I can't wait to go home this weekend, to lie in the sun, hopefully get tanned and listen to Paolo Nutini. It's Fathers Day in Austria so I'll spend time with my family, which means relaxing in the sun, reading a good book and just chat.
Today's outfit is as simple as everything feels right now. I wore skinny black pants, a white blouse and my new bargain buy from H&M - this light oversized denim jacket for only ten euros. It's the perfect jacket for mild summer days and I always wanted to have an oversized one. As it's slowly getting warmer (hello predicted 25 degrees for today!) it's no longer sneakers weather, and so I picked these black heels that are really comfy, if you wear them with gel pads (I can only recommend you to do this with all of your sandals!). I love this simple outfit and also tried a 'different' and 'new' make up. In summertime I love it when girls walk around wearing only mascara or no make up at all, but  for me, I still need to get used looking like aged 12 ;-) It's my challenge for the next few weeks to wear less make up and maybe even do a no-make-up post soon on LOC. Anyways, we took these pictures yesterday evening when I was out and about with Anni and Lauren to say a final goodbye to Lauren as she's moving to the UK. It feels weird saying goodbye to all the girls and I feel sad about not seeing them for a long time from now on. But we'll all stay in touch and make sure to visit each other every once in a while! Have a safe flight Lauren and happy Friday to all of you! xx

heels - H&M
pants - Vero Moda
blouse - H&M
denim jacket - H&M
 bag - Gaudí


  1. Ja, toll sieht wieder gut aus. Die Haare sind wunderschön!

  2. What a lovely look dear!

  3. Great outfit! Love your shoes! So stylish!


  4. thank you lovlies for your sweet comments :)


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