Sunday, June 1, 2014


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Hey guys! Currently sat in Berlin on the boy's balcony writing this blogpost trying to think about nothing and just enjoy the sun but I can't. There's so much stuff going on in my head - moving out in Munich, finding a place in Berlin (which is even harder than I thought), going to Sweden for a month and planning holiday .. oh my. Now that I've been to Berlin again I can't wait to move here, live here, discover the city, work work work and be with my love and Berlin friends. I think I tend to get a little bored of a place after a while as I'm already a little bored of Munich and can't wait to be somewhere else again! Probably because I've already moved twice to another city after a year ;-)  But for now, I am heading back to Munich where work is waiting for me and I'll be counting the days till my summer holidays! Whoop! Four weeks are left until I can relax and hopefully get some tan so I don't look as pale on my pictures anymore!

Anyways, the weather was really bad in the last week of May in fancy Munich so I had to get out my beanie and light pink knitted pullover again to fight the cold. It's crazy to upload these images in June where it's supposed to be super warm and all you wear are skirts and dresses - hopefully we can go bare legged soon! Concerning this outfit, there's not much to say rather than I absolutely adore those adidas originals! I wear them aaall the time and can't believe how I could survive without them in the past ten years. They go with everything, they make every outfit edgy and cool and they are so comfy. I can only advise you to go and get yourself a pair of these beauties asap! Hope you all had a great great weekend just like me and enjoy your Sunday! xx

sneakers - Adidas
pants - Vero Moda
bag - Mango
coat - lackofcolordesigns
pullover - Zara
beanie - no name


  1. lovely look!!!

  2. Very cool pics
    Super great photoshoot
    Nice work

  3. Super Bilder wieder, sportlich - chices outfit. Schön!!

  4. Amazing look! I love the texture and the color of your coat, and the bag is gorgeous!


  5. hübsch schaust du aus! und der hintergrund ist toll! :)

    kissboombang, lilly // Bonnie & Kleid


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