Sunday, June 29, 2014


I have never ever shown you the place I grew up - what a shame isn't it? I grew up in a really small town at an amazing lake that you can see behind ;-) The reason why I've never really taken pictures there is, it's so small that I would probably know everyone walking around while I shoot pictures, and I feel like some of them would not really understand the reasons of blogging. However, growing up in a small town by a precious lake was the best thing I could imagine. It's a love/hate relationship between me and this small town because I get easily bored of what it offers, but on the other hand I just love it cause it's pieceful, calm and not as hectic as a big city. I'm always happy to come see my parents and friends here but I'm also happy to have the chance to live and study in a big city with lots of things to see and discover. I'm telling you this, because as you all might know, I left Munich and gonna stay with my parents for two weeks before leaving for Sweden. At the moment the weather is really bad, all rainy and grey but I'm sure it will get better and then I will just relax and stay at the pool / lake and get a some tan =)

Last week's outfit shows you another headband that I recently bought at Forever21. I paired it with a light rosé dress by Asos and platform sandals I got via Zalando a few weeks ago. I'd say the combo is a little boho chic but girly at the same time. I love the light pink dress, it's perfect for a date night, having ice cream and going for a walk with your love ;-) I hope you had a great weekend, I am off to visit some friends now but stay tuned for the next article coming up on Tuesday - got a surprise for you guys! xx

white platform sandals - c/o Zalando
dress - Asos
bag - Forever21
sunnies - Ray Ban Aviator
headband - Forever21


  1. Ich liebe das Outfit :) Das Haarband ist klasse <3

  2. Das Keid ist wunderschön!
    Danke für deinen Kommentar, ich hab mich sehr gefreut:)

  3. Tolles Outfit! Steht dir einfach super! Das Kleid ist sehr schön :)
    Liebe Grüße, Tina

  4. Wow your mum has got some phototaking skills! Love this amazing outfit-- the delicate colour works so well with your skintone and it's such a perfect ensemble for the summer! I esp love the dress and those amazing sandals. Also that headpiece is a great touch!

    xx Debbie

  5. Ich kann nur sagen: Einfach nur schön, das Kleid mit dem Haarband und der kleinen Tasche toll. Vorallem findet sich die Farbe rose in jedem Teil wieder, super!

  6. Ein tolles Sommeroutfit! :)

    Liebst, Lotta

  7. thank you lovlies for your comments :) xx

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