Guess who went to the hairdresser's today? I'm back on the bangs-trip! After more than half a year, I decided to cut them again as I missed them a looot. There's something about this hairdo that makes you look cool and stylish straight after getting up. Don't get me wrong, I loooved my middle part, but it just looked a bit boring sometimes .. so here I am, I shot a few pictures with my phone as I am craaaahazy busy right now. My dad came by and helped me with all my stuff, furniture, clothes (!), shoes (!) and we packed the car and he just left and is gonna come again tomorrow. So I'm just sitting in my former room right now, with nothing but my laptop and my bed, writing this post and deciding whether to have pizza or pasta on my last evening in Munich. Pretty boring huh? =) Anyways, just quickly wanted to show you my new hair and hope you're having a great day so far! 

All the best, see you soon! xx


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