Monday, June 16, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs

Happy Monday guys! I can't believe it's Monday again .. it seems like this weekend passed by so quickly that I don't even have time to think about everything that happened. I had to say goodbye to Anni, who became one of my best and closest friends in Germany in the past three months. It's crazy how we only know each other for such a short time and she instantly became my Munich based bestie! We just clicked and it felt so good to have someone to share your passion with! It wasn't just about blogging, we had so much fun in the past three months and I am honestly really sad about her leaving to NYC (incredible, right?) and me leaving for Sweden and then moving to Berlin. But we'll see each other every once in a while and definitely stay in contact .. just right now it's a little overwhelming cause I feel like everybody I got to know and hold onto in fancy Munich is leaving or has already left and I'm the one who stayed the longest .. but that's the way it is and I'm starting a new chapter in Berlin - can't wait!
Talking about THE outfit. I found this skirt at H&M in sale (they've got amazing pre sale right now) and combined it with black items and my favorite three colored wedges. I love them to pieces, they look amazing but honestly, they are not suuuper comfy as I still ned to kind of 'break them in'. So right now I am searching for a casual and cool variation for this outfit combo - we're talking FLATS. While I've always loved dressing up and wearing heels (or wedges) cause I am such a small girl, I think in the past year I almost got over me being not as tall as all of my family members. I am finally happy to wear flats. So for today's combo I am looking for some nice espadrilles (not the chanel ones, nope!). I found these on Tamaris and I am really tempted to buy them straight away - what do you think, don't they look amazing? I hope you're all doing fine and have a great evening guys! xx

wedges - CCC
skirt - H&M
top - H&M
fake leather blazer - Vero Moda
bag - Forever 21


  1. I love this outfit, so gorgeous!x

  2. The skirt is gorgeous and you made perfect set!

  3. Das ist aber ein süßer Rock, die Farben sind toll alles passt wieder perfekt zusammen! Einfach toll!

  4. So funny that we both got the same skirt! I wore it in this previous post ( I love how you styled yours with the loose black tank! And those coloured wedges are beautiful; I'm sure you'll break them in very soon.

    xx Debbie

    1. haha thats funny! love your look as well girl! xx

  5. =) thaaaank you girls for your sweet comments! so happy about it!

  6. Love the wedges and the skirt!!! Great combination



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