Wednesday, June 18, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
As you already know, I'm moving to Berlin in August and I couldn't be more excited about this! In my mind I'm already planning every single detail of my move and most important: planning the interior of my room. I did a room tour in both Vienna and Munich cause I am always super interested in interior posts on other blogs so I thought I'd share my home with you. As I'm moving in August I don't have anything to share with you yet, except my ideas and inspirations. I've always been a girl that loves white and clean lines when it comes to interior. As a quite happy and optimistic person I need my home to look cosy, a bit girly ;-) and happy. White stands for happy, I'd say. I've been checking tumblr loooads and as I already have some furniture that I will bring with me I just need to add a few special items, such as this cute and fluffy carpet. I've always wanted to have one of these but never had enough space in my apartments. When I was younger I've never really liked carpets and I mean, these are not the easiest when it comes to hoover them but they just look cosy and make every room a bit warmer and more relaxed I'd say. Also I am looking for a huuuge desk for all of my sewing stuff, comfy chairs with fake fur, loads of duvets, pillows, etc. You see, I am crazy about moving and decorating a new room! 
Also, I love today's outfit. As you can see on my social media or on other posts I am really into all kinds of headgear right now. Turbans or headbands are my favorite - I could wear them all the time. This grey one is from Asos and I bought it last week as I thought it's amazing for summer! I love how a hat, beanie or turban can add so much to an outfit - you can look edgy and cool within a minute by wearing a beanie - while turbans remind me of the early 50s and I looove 50s fashion. I paired my grey headband with blue jeans, a striped top, my vintage valentino baby and MULES. Yes, I hopped on the trend again and went for mules. I must admit that I always fancied them but never found affordable ones I really liked, until I saw these black ones at H&M last week and they were on sale like crazy. I just had to take them - no choice! Mules are really comfy, although I almost slipped out of one on the tube when I ran into a guy cause I was in such a hurry to get to Anni's on time. Oh well. Anyways, I've only worn them with pants yet, not sure what I will think about Mules with skirts or dresses but I'll keep you updated! Happy Humpday! xx

mules - H&M
pants - Zara
top - H&M
headband - Asos
bag - Valentino


  1. Love this outfit, denim and stripes are a timeless combination, they're so great for summer too!

  2. You look amazing! You definitely can rock a headscarf!
    lexi @

  3. wie immer ein hammer outfit und viel spaß in deinem neuen heim! umziehen ist immer ein großer schritt :)

  4. Super cooles outfit, tolle Haare und das Haarband steht dir ausgezeichnet, wie alle deine Kopfbedeckungen.

  5. good luck with Berlin love! And can't wait to meet you in person with Kavita! <3

    1. yeees, can't wait to hang out soon! xx

  6. thank you guys for your lovely comments :) so glad you liked the post!! xx


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