Friday, June 20, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
I'm still a little stuck in that week where Anni left for incredible New York City. We shot these pictures at her girl's night where we drank cocktails, ate the best chips aka pommes EVER and talked loads. It was really warm that day so I decided on bare legs covered in black high waist shorts, a stripey crop top and my checked bomber jacket. For going out, both Anni and me got ourselves one of those 'trio bags' - unfortunately not the Celiné one but this one is also amazing and it's intern-wage-friendly ;-) It's also really handy because of the three parts as you can put in eeeverything you need for a night out. I've always been bad with small bags that's why I like this one a lot as it's quite big for a 'small bag'. Paired the outfit with peachy heels, peachy lipstick and a simple hairdo. I decided to tie my hair together more often as I feel like it always looks the same .. (or it's just me getting bored of my hair really quickly)

Anyways, I am in Austria right now at my parents place as I didn't feel so good and got sick. Luckily my mum came to pick me up and here I am - about to go see my girls and watch Gossip Girl all night long. Can't wait to see them again, I feel like it's been ages =) What are your plans for this weekend? I need to rest a little bit and on Sunday I'll go back to Munich for another five days and then it's moving time! Crazy how time flies ... I wish y'all a great great weekend! xx

heels - Monzero
shorts - H&M
stripey crop top - Zara
bomber jacket - Mango
bag - Forever 21


  1. gorgeous outfit :)) really love shoes

  2. Absolutely gorgeous-- you're such a fashion star! I love this ensemble, it's so full of fun, cute pieces! Firstly, lovee those amazing heels (those bows are to die for!). My second fav item is that awesome jacket is lovely and so wonderful paired with that striped top! Definitely inspired me with this outfit dear!

    xx Debbie

  3. Sehr, sehr hübsch! Ich brauch die Tasche, muss nach den Prüfungen mal zu Forever21 :)

  4. Wirklich ein tolles outfit, die Schuhe sind der absolute Hingucker, die Farbe hebt sich vom Restlichen toll ab.

  5. thanks a lot girls :) that bag is amazing indeed! xx


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