Sunday, May 25, 2014


pictures by mumy
Hello from super sunny and warm Austria! As you already know, I am at my parents place this weekend cause some of my friends were having their annual dance show cause they own a dance school. It's almost a tradition to come and watch their show - it's so cute seeing those little munchkins dancing like crazy and they are really good - trust me! So thats where I went to on Saturday morning, then had coffee with my parents, did some shopping with mumy and watched a movie in the evening. It was AMAZING. I felt really relaxed and didn't think about work or anything. Today I will meet the girls for some catch up and a little tan-session at the lake ;-) It feels really good to be at home when it's sunny and warm cause honestly, this place is the dream in summer time! Buuut I have to leave tonight because of work tomorrow and I'm heading to Berlin on Wednesday - can't wait to see the boy and view some apartments - exciting!

Todays outfit is super casual and sporty. I got this dress from bonprix cause I always wanted to have a dress like this with one of those numbers where I look like a player's wife, haha ;-) If you ever want to get yourself something from bonprix - I found this amazing website where you can get great discount codes - perfect for students, interns or just people who want to save some money ;-) I combined the dress with black wedges, a black clutch bag and my fav. Primark 'investment' - this super cool denim jacket with fake leather sleeves - I absolutely adore it! I hope you all had a great weekend - I am now off to see the girls and hopefully get a little bit more tanned cause honestly, I look like a ghost! Lots of love xx

sling wedges - CCC
dress - bonprix
bag - Zara
denim jacket with fake leather sleeves - Primark


  1. Super comfy und sportlich, und mit der Jeansjacke und den wedges sieht das outfit perfekt aus. Sehr gelungen!

  2. Very cool look!
    x Sandra


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