Sunday, May 4, 2014


pictures by the boy
WHERE'D THE DAYS GO? WHEN ALL WE DID WAS PLAY I am desperately trying not to consider the fact that it's Sunday. Seriously, it feels like weekend has just started and now it's almost over? I'm a bit fuzzy-headed today, and nope, I didn't go out and had loads of drinks, I just feel a bit lonely ;-) I know, I tend to not talk about the boy on the blog, but as he left today I just can't help it and have to spend my day being all girly, which means: I will cuddle up in my bed, watch movies, read a good girly magazine and drink hot soya chocolate (the weather in Munich is crazy so there's no reason to go out - promise!) Hope you all had an amazing weekend and you make the best out of your Sunday - just like me ;-)

Today's outfit is UBER comfy and one of my fav. combo's. When it's raining outside I instantly think about my doc's (which I still need to break in, damn you amazingly good looking shoes, why do you hurt so much?) and I love to pair them with skinny black jeans, a white top and white blazer. As the weather is being all shitty I had to wear a light coat - this mint coat from Primark was a total bargain (8€ !) and its so fifties that I hate myself for not getting it in other colors as well. To add another color to this grey weather I wore my yellow trapeze bag which is huuge and perfect for a day in town. What do you usually wear on rainy days? Also, today's blogpost title is named after Paolo Nutini's Song , some of you might know that he released a new album and I am already listening to it but stumbled across this old one and I still love it to pieces! Happy Sunday! xx 

shoes - Dr. Martens
jeans - Zara
top - Mango
blazer - Mango
coat - Primark
bag - no name


  1. Sieht sehr gemütlich aus und dr martens sehen toll aus sind aber sehr steif. Mit der zeit wird es besser!

  2. I love your bag! The coat is gorgeous too, a perfect look! Definitely a new follower!


  3. thanks a lot folks :-) loved this post! xx


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