Sunday, May 18, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
Happy Sunday lovlies! I've teamed up with Sister Surprise to show you one of their amazing sets! I was super excited and a little nervous about this 'outfit' shoot - I wanted to do pictures that are both simple and classy and I am reeeally happy about the result (big thanks to Anni!) What do you think? Together with the lingerie I got a simple black dressing gown that is perfect for getting up in the morning. It's really light and I am already looking forward to wearing it on a summer day in the morning while having breakfast on the balcony (I am already dreaming of holidays where I can relax and have breakfast for hours!) However, besides that I love coats there's one love I kept as a secret: I love lingerie. Not just normal ones (although I love my nude shape wear as well =P ) but I love lace all over. As I know that most of my readers are girls, I am totally fine with talking about this topic. For me it was always important what to wear underneath my normal clothes. I must admit that I usually always go for white as it works with everything (and I wear white tops aaall the time) but as soon as I saw this blue lace bra that is a little longer than normal ones I fell in love. It's beautiful and I love the bow in the front, makes it look super cute :)

Anyway, it's Sunday evening, my weekend was quite good. I worked on the coat for Kavita, did some sports and met up with Anni for work and amazingly good food! Now I am preparing some stuff for next week in terms of blogging and I am sorting out train tickets as I am going home on Friday (again). Some of my friends are having their annual dance show and it's almost a tradition to come and see them! I am really excited and already looking forward to it as it will be the last time as I can't just come for one weekend when I'm living in Berlin next year. I hope you all had a greeeeat great weekend! Lots of love xx

bra and slip - c/o Sister Surprise
dressing gown - c/o Sister Surprise

lipstick - chanel no 43 'la favorite'


  1. Gorgeous pictures xx

  2. Super cool pics and very cool outfit too
    Very nice blog too

  3. Wunder-, wunderschöne Bilder und das Set ist toll!!!!!!

  4. These pictures are gorgeous and really tasteful. The lingerie looks amazing and so do you! xx

  5. thank you folks :) i was so excited to show you these images! lots of love


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