Sunday, May 11, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
Anyone who remembers the brand reebok? I have to admit, I completely forgot about it. I hardly see any ads and I feel like they're just not popular anymore in times where all the cool kids (including me) wear Nike and Adidas all over (please inform me, if reebok is still kind of modern because then I will rewrite this post of course ;-) So yeah, today I've got another sporty look for you with this amazing top my mum showed me last time I visited her back in Austria. I fell in love with it but when I tried it on, I have to admit it made me look a bit chubby and it's a bit short for a normal top (it's clearly no crop top) but I loved the stripes on the sleeves and I thought it would be amazing with ripped jeans and my colorblocking heels (unfortunately you can't really see the colorblocking detail on the pictures, so sorry for that!) In fact, the shoes are amazingly comfortable and I am so happy that I brought them back to Munich, so now I can wear them at least once a week! I recently read an article in a magazine saying every woman should at least have one pair of red shoes and that red shoes are not only a statement piece of accessory but also make you feel happy when wearing - I totally agree!

I hope you're all having a great day - don't forget it's mothers day! I wish every mum out there that's reading my blogpost a happy mothers day and especially my mum, as she's the most amazing one, all the best for you! (we all would say our mums are amazing but trust me, mine's the best ;-) Not only that she takes my pictures when I'm back home without the boy in tiny lovely Austria, but she's also such a great inspiration, comes up with new ideas, outfits and I can always talk to her about cooperations and of course every non-blogger related topic as well ;-) Today I will just study for my exam and as you already saw on my Instagram (feel free to follow me) I had a great great breakfast together with my mum and grandmum and I am now desperately waiting for it to be tea time for the cake! Expect loads of Instagram posts ;-) Happy Sunday to y'all and spoil your mum's a little bit if it's mother's day in your country as well! Lots of love 

heels - Voegele shoes
jeans - Diesel, ripped them myself
top - Reebok (suuuper old)
bag - Mango
sunnies - Mango


  1. super schönes outfit! die kombi ripped jeans, heels und dann das "retro" shirt ist einfach soo super!
    wünsche dir einen schönen sonntag!
    liebe grüße, marlene

  2. die schuhe sind hammer!!!
    und du bist sowieso hübsch wie immer :)
    alles liebe,

  3. ich finde deinen blog so toll, du solltest viel bekannter sein, damit ihn jeder sehen kann :)

  4. Your outfit it's super cool
    very nice pieces :)
    Love your blog

  5. Die Kombination passt wieder perfekt zusammen, sportlich und die hohen schuhe dazu, genial!

  6. I paid a very attractive price for my new dress with free shipping, I am 5'6" busty and in typical size 16/18, if it were not for me loosing weight this would have fit me right out of the box. No alterations needed.

  7. I lovelovelove that t-shirt! It's got a bit of a britpop vibe which is really cool, but I really like how you've made it a bit more modern and feminine by pairing it with heels :) x


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