Friday, May 30, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs

Hey guys! Sorry for the absence, I was super busy at work Monday, Tuesday and then went to Berlin Wednesday night and arrived crazy tired on Thursday morning. But heey, I'm with the boy and super happy about this long weekend we can spend together! Expect some nice outfit posts in the next week as we are working on a special blogpost I've always dreamed about but yet never had time nor enough camera skills to do it ;-) Lucky me to have him as my partner in crime for tiny LOC blog.

Today's outfit could be called my go-to-outfit for spring or just my spring uniform. I loove love love those white ripped jeans, my white shopper bag and h&m slip ons; all of these simple items are perfect for spring days and white jeans really make me happy! They have something refreshing that when I wear them I am instantly feeling happier! Two years ago I'd probably be like, never ever would I wear white jeans, but fashion always proves that your sense of style can change within a minute! I've actually had this a lot of times in the past, for example with the bulky doc martens, jeans in general or sneakers, you name it. I can't say there's a single fashion no-go for me right now (except of flip flops, flip flops are the worst and ever will be) because I recently love to try out everything! Anyways, I paired my spring uniform items with a grey top and blue kimono which is currently on Sale at H&M and amazing! I wore this outfit last week when heading to town with Anni for some shopping for the Stylight party ;-) Sadly, we didn't find anything but the party was AAHMAZING! But there will be a special post about it anyway! Lots of love and happy Friday! xx


  1. i am a huuuuuge lover of those white ripped jeans, especially with the bright blue!

    charlotte x

  2. Einfach Klasse, passt wieder alles perfekt, easy kombiniert und der Farbklecks dazu, toll!

  3. die liebe die weiße hose und die Tasche :)
    steht dir auch echt super <3


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