Tuesday, May 6, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
Heyo babes! How do you do? I tend to repeat myself, but I am really busy - again. After a long and relaxing weekend spent with the boy in fancy Munich I am now back at Prosieben and next week I've got another exam at Uni in Austria. So all I'm doing at the moment is working, studying, working, studying, eating & sleeping. But I don't want to complain, my life's been alright in the last few weeks/months, so there's just no reason to be sad or mad about anything! Lately, I've read so many blogposts about people having their final exams at school or uni, so I just wanted to wish all of you out there who are super busy good luck and stay calm! You can do it! ;-)
Last week I had a super nice and girly afternoon with Anni who is not only a lifesaver in terms of blogging, but also my fav. Munich based girl! It's a little sad that I always meet people when it's either me or them who are about to leave the city .. but we will stay in contact of course =) That day, the weather was quite nice and I was wearing a chic and easy outfit - a lovely skirt from the current H&M conscious collection, a tee I completely forgot about and was super surprised how amazing it looks paired with the skirt and then some simple white heels. Whenever the new h&m exclusive conscious collection hits the stores (or the onlineshop) I am always the first to see what I would like to have. I love the pieces as they are always so cute, girly and special and although I'm a student/intern and I really don't earn a lot, I like to have at least one garment a year that is sustainable and was produced consciously. Buying sustainable clothes makes me more happy as I think it's good for our planet and you just have the feeling you did something right for not getting a two euro top but one for .. let's say fifty. What do you think about today's outfit? Also, my new sunnies are AMAZING - you will totally see me wearing them in almost every post from now on - I've got a new crush! xx

heels - Promod
skirt - H&M Conscious Collection 2014
top - Zara (really old)
trenchcoat - H&M
bag - vintage
sunnies - Mango


  1. Stunning photographs! That skirt is wonderful, H&M had some lovely garments in their conscious collection this year which I got. I agree, wearing sustainable clothing definitely makes you feel so much better :)

  2. Love it, you look stunning xx


  3. What a great combination! You look so chic <3 have a nice week :)


  4. wow wie perfekt alles zusammenpasst. ich bin wirklich total begeistert meine liebe! :)


  5. Muy bonita combinacion!!! estas guapisima

  6. Gorgeous outfit! Love the skirt!


  7. Ein tolle kompination und die schuhe passen einfach perfekt dazu. Sieht sehr edel aus, toll!!!!

  8. biiiig big thanks to you guys :) hugs and kisses!


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