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I'M BACK, BACK IN TOWN Okay .. So I in the past three days I had way too much delicious food, I saw some of my best friends again and we had a loong long talk; I spent time with my mum, grandmum and sister aaaand shot these pictures for you, to show you my fav. new lipstick from Chanel which I got myself about about two weeks ago. You surely must have seen it already on my Instagram - I just love it so much, I wear it almost every day! I wanted to get something springish .. something peachy. So I tried loads and first I just wanted to get another YSL as they are super soft but then the shopgirl showed me this one from Chanel and I was completely in love. It's my very first Chanel lipstick and since I have quite a few lipsticks I can now say that I like the consistency of Chanel the most. They are not as soft as YSL lipsticks but also not as hard as Smashbox or sometimes even MAC. But yeah, enjoy the pictures, if you follow me for a while you'll know that when I get myself a new lipstick I want to do a special post with it, as lipsticks are just my thing and I looove to create a special, different-looking blogpost around those little goodies =)  
Besides the fact that I am lipstick-fanatic, Í have tons of things planned for this week. First thing is to say goodbye to one of my main girls from Stylight - lovely Rebecca is leaving Munich and we are all heading out for dinner tonight - can't wait! Next thing on my list is to f-i-n-a-l-l-y finish the coat I started ages ago, so that you can see something new in 'lackofcolordesigns'! Also there are a few cool cooperations I am super excited to share with you, so stay tuned and happy Tuesday! xx

dress - borrowed off my mum
lipstick - chanel no 43 "la favorite"


  1. Eine wirklich tolle Farbe steht dir ausgezeichnet und die Farbe lässt auf Sommer hoffen!

  2. Vielen Dank! Probier doch mal aus, deinen eigenen Smoothie zu machen, ist wirklich nicht so schwer :)
    Tolle Bilder und du bist sehr hübsch!
    xx Lia

  3. NIce lipstick color!! Love your post!!

  4. Chanel is always a good decision. Amazing color and beautiful pics.

  5. yo look reallu beautiful!!
    Love flowers
    Teresa Quiroga Blog

  6. Die Farbe sieht wirklich richtig toll aus und der Lippenstift gefällt mir :*
    Mach dir noch einen tollen tag, liebes :*

  7. Amazing photos. You look stunning!

  8. oh gott du bist so schön, es tut fast weh

  9. Oh so lovely pictures! The lipstick has a great color
    x Sandra

  10. thank you thank you thank yoooou guys :) i loved this post and I am so happy that you like it as well!!! xx


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