Wednesday, May 21, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
I really fell for sporty looks. I fell for jeans in all kinds of colors and I fell for sneakers. Nikes. If someone would have told me this about 1.5 years ago, I'd be like, are you kidding? But here we are in 2014, I know I'm late on the sneakers trend but it's still ongoing and honestly, I don't care. I have always been dreaming about black Roshe Run Nikes but while I was browsing through the web I found these and had to get my hands on them immediately! They look so cute, girly, sporty and cool; everything at the same time of course. Even though they are quite special they go with white looks, pink looks, black looks, they are more flexible than I thought. So I found another sneaker love and I have to admit that I got myself quite a few sneakers within the last few months. I would have never thought that I'd love to wear sporty looks that much as I thought I would become more classy by getting older, but turns out I was wrong. I still love classy, polished and super sophisticated looks but I feel like we live in such a fast-moving world, that I need comfy shoes with which I can run to not miss the boat. Do you know what I mean? I watched 'the september issue' last week and wrote down a quote by Grace Coddington saying 'you have to go charging ahead, you can't stay behind'. It's such a great scene in the movie, please have a look at the link above, I love it and this quote is stuck in my mind since last week constantly reminding me that I have to work hard to reach my goals and dreams.

Also, what are you guys up to lately? I am really looking forward to the weekend as I will go home, see my parents and besties again and that's why I am just waiting for this week of work to be over. There's not much to do at Prosieben right now and I honestly wish it would be a bit more stressful and versatile. Luckily, Stylight is launching their Influencer Agency tomorrow and although on one hand I'm a little sad that I'm not involved / working there anymore,  I am really looking forward to enjoying the party, to dance, chat and just have fun! Hope to see you there!  xx 

shoes - Nike Roshe Run via Defshop
light pink pants - Mango
white top - Mango
white boyfriend blazer - Mango
bag - Zara

sunnies - Lulu Guiness


  1. Die Schuhe sehen super comfy aus und süß noch dazu, schönes outfit!

  2. hüüüüübsch! ich bewundere es, wie oft du die zeit zum outfitfotos schießen kommst :) beneidenswert!!

    alles liebe,

    1. hehe, ja ich hab ein kleines aber super motiviertes Team das immer bereit ist wenn ich Outfits fotografieren möchte =) da hab ich echt glück!

  3. Gorgeous! Love the blazer and those trainers really make the outfit. Have a lovely time this weekend at home, I can't wait to go back, still have to wait another month!

  4. Soo hübsch, das Outfit steht dir richtig gut! :)
    Die Schuhe sind der Hammer, die sehen super schön und bequem aus! Die Tasche ist auch toll! :)
    Ganz viel Spaß bei deinen Eltern und auf der Stylight Party! :) <3


  5. thank you girls :) love this outfit, super comfy but chic as well! I can only recommend those sneakers =) xx

  6. You look great- great mix between sporty and classy. This look reminds me of seeing commuters on the london underground. Classy but functional :)

  7. Das Outfit ist der hammer! und ich liebe deine Nikes (vielen dank für's verlinken, vielleicht bestelle ich sie mir auch :) )
    hey, dein Blog gefällt mir sehr gut!
    Du hast mit mir auf jeden Fall eine neue Leserin :)
    Würde mich freuen, wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbeischaust

    Liebe Grüße Leonie

  8. I'm never normally a fan of white jeans but these look fab! Lovely look :)

    Hannah xx

    1. they are actually light pink but I know what you're talking about :) last time I wore white jeans except of the last two years would be about 10 years ago ;)


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