Friday, April 11, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
So, imagine this: you stay up a little longer than usual, editing pictures, straightening your hair, talking to the bf on the phone, doing your nails (maybe everything at the same time, haha) and then you can't get up in the morning and worst of all: you don't know what to wear! Well, today I will show you my outfit for those worse days. I'm not one of those people that can't get up in the morning (unless I just slept two hours, but I always try to sleep at least seven hours every night) so yes, I admit, I am a morning person! I don't mind getting up early and I need to have enough time for breakfast, shower, make up, packing my bag, check my emails, etc. It doesn't really happen that often, that I can't hear my alarm and I am in a total rush, but if this happens, I wear a super simple outfit. Black jeans, white top, black trenchcoat, sunnies (just in case I had no time to do my make up) and either comfy wedge heels or sneakers. To add a little more excitement to the pictures (because the outfit is really simple) we came across this graffiti and took the pictures there and trust me, there's hardly any graffiti in fancy Munich.

Thank god it's Friday! I have a suuuper busy weekend ahead, about to sew a new coat, study for my exam, meet the girls, work on the blog, do some sports, yep in only two days I want to do all of these things! What are your plans for this weekend? xx

wedges - Monzero
jeans - Zara, ripped them myself
top - Zara
trenchcoat - H&M
bag - vintage
sunnies - c/o Time For Wood


  1. gorgeous :)) love your shoes

  2. wow rote lippen stehen dir super und die schuhe sind der hammer!

  3. Beautiful outfit! Your bag is great!

  4. great look!!!

  5. Ein toller look alles schwarz und als hingucker die hellen schuhe, sehr schön!

  6. thank you lovlies for your comments :-) xx

  7. Hello, sweetie, hope you have enjoyed your weekend and had you 'batteries charged' for the next week! You always look gorgeous, the whole ensemble is super trendy and zip details down together with wedge shoes look very beautiful! Wish you great week ahead!!! <3 xoxo


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