Friday, April 18, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
FRIDAY! Plus, today was a holiday and one of my girls from my hometown came to visit me! So so happy to catch up with her, show her around Munich and just relax! We both totally need it :)
Today's outfit was shot by my dear Anni from STYLIGHT who I totally miss working with. That day was super sunny and really warm (I wish it would be this warm today) and I wore my fav. black skirt with my fav. crop top! I love crop tops right now and could wear them all the time. They make your look really casual and cool but a little bit of sexy as well ;) I paired everything with bordeaux heels from Zara that I got in the sale in January - never showed them to you before, what a shame! And as you can see, again we took pictures where there was graffiti - Munich is getting less clean and posh :-P No, just joking ... (or not?) Anyway, a really simple outfit for fancy dates! What do you think?

The last days were super busy; I was busy sewing coat after coat, working on the blog (some new and cool cooperations are waiting for you!) and of course busy working at my internship. I can't believe I am working for Prosieben now for three weeks and I only have about two months left, crazy how time flies! I mean, I keep counting the days until I finally have summer holidays, but still ;-) I wish you all a happy weekend and would suggest you to spend some time with your friends, family and beloved ones and make the best out of it! I will head home to see my family tomorrow evening and I am really excited, especially to see my sisters as I havent seen them in a while! Also can't wait for our yearly Easter Breakfast table - make sure to follow me on Instagram to stay updated! Lots of love! xx

heels - Zara
skirt - Choies
crop top - Zara
trenchcoat - H&M
bag - borrowed off Anni


  1. Such a lovely skirt

    Will you like to follow each other?
    Sandy Sandhu

  2. Der Rock ist süß und die roten Heels sind toll dazu! Wieder ein tolles outfit.

  3. Amazing outfit :333 You're so lovely <3

  4. What a lovely outfit! Love the top and shoes. You look so stunning.


  5. thanks girls :) happy Easter!! xx


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