Monday, March 31, 2014


pictures by mumy

As you might know, if you follow my blog for a while  I love accessories out of wood. Maybe it's because I grew up on the countryside where there's wood everywhere, or maybe just because I like to have accessories out of stable material, so that they don't break after wearing them for a bit. When Time for Wood contacted me, I was super happy as they do amazing sunglasses! You might think they are heavy because, yeah, they are out of wood but they are much lighter than all of the sunglasses I've ever had! I've teamed up with them to show you these lovely mirrored sunnies with a blue / green shade! I paired them with a green top as I think the colors look amazing together! What do you guys think? It's funny how I told you in one of my previous posts that I want to get myself new sunnies as I'm always wearing my Ray Ban's all the time.

But this time it's not just me getting something, but you! You can get your own pair of wooden sunnies, a phonecase, headphones or even watches out of wood - but I would definitely recommend the sunnies .. I'm also having an eye on their phonecases but we will see :-) Using the code 'Lackofcolor.tfwyou can get a 20% discount on your order (valid until May 15th 2014) - so go ahead and if anyone of you gets sunnies, I'd love to see how you styled them!

I am back in Munich and already in the morning I made a bad discovery: my camera lens is broken and so I need to save up money for a new one and survive without it for a while. That's not really the way I planned it to be .. but oh well. Besides that, I had a day off today; I worked on the blog a lot and then headed over to a frozen yogurt place in Munich as I found out they have lactose free frozen yogurt there (UBER happy, as it's my first spring/summer where I'm lactose intolerant and I couldn't survive without frozen yogurt)! I wish you all a perfect start into a new week, I really hope yours was better than mine though!  xx


  1. girl I love your shades!! I must get it<3

  2. Die Brille steht dir ausgezeichnet, die Farbe ist auch sehr schön!

  3. Gorgeous sunglasses! I am a huge fan of natural materials and really like this concept. x

  4. Beautiful sunglasses *-* they look great on you!

  5. They look perfect on you! I love the mirror lenses I've got my Time for Wood sunglasses in Amsterdam

  6. thanks guys and don't forget to share your pictures with me!! xx


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