Monday, March 24, 2014


pictures by the boy
HOLIDAY Hey hey guys! I'm having a week off before I'm starting my new internship at Prosieben on the first of April - feels really good to just relax, have some quality time with my beloved ones and spend the day thinking about the blog and future projects. I'm currently at the boy's place in Berlin where we took these pictures before heading to the cinema to see Charlie Chaplin in 'the great dictator' (I've never seen a Chaplin movie before, but it was fun indeed!) I was wearing really comfy clothes - this long oversized coat that I wanted to show you for ages but had no time to take pictures! I paired it with some simple jeans, a white top, beanie and my current obsession: my adidas originals. Honestly, I could wear these sneakers every single day (well, I wear them aaall the time, just don't take pictures every day ;-)

So what's going on right now .. I will stay in Berlin for a few days and just have the best time ever with my love - which means, good music & movies, work on the blog, take pictures and have the best food ever! After that I will go and visit my parents and work on some upcoming projects - super exciting, so stay tuned!! On the first of April, I will start my new internship at a tv channel in Munich - Prosieben. I am reeeeally excited and already a little bit nervous about it, but I'm sure it will be fine! I hope you're all doing well, I set myself a new goal: to blog four times a week from now on - hopefully it works out and I've got enough time, but I will try my best! xx

sneakers - Adidas Originals
jeans - Killah
coat - H&M
bag - Zara


  1. Love the outfit!
    That coat is amazing!

  2. I like your coat, the color is fab! <3 xoxo

  3. Hey beauty you have a really nice blog,love your style,taste and pictures .Visit my blog,and if you like it, follow me on gfc I will do the same =) Have a nice day =)

  4. You are so stunning, I love this coat!
    Laura. xx

  5. Der Look ist richtig toll, der perfekte streetstyle!

  6. I need that coat!!! Thankfully, we are reaching autumn and winter here in Australia, so I'm very excited to be wearing jackets, boots and coats all over again :)

    Phoebe | Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  7. thank you guys for your sweet comments :-) So happy that you like the post! xx


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