Saturday, March 22, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
FINISHED Oh my god .. this really feels crazy. I finished my six-month-internship at STYLIGHT yesterday .. and it just doesn't feel like that. I didn't really say goodbye to the girls as I will still see them on the weekend .. I mean, I will still be in Munich for another three months. But let's start from the beginning: I applied for this internship in June 2013 after realizing that the courses I took at Uni are not really what I wanted. That time, I was blogging for like .. 10 months or so and to be all honest, I didn't really know what STYLIGHT was about. So I applied out of the blue without telling my parents and then got a skype interview, which went alright (haha, it could have been better!). After that, it just took them a few days to confirm it and I had to tell my parents and decide to give up Uni in Austria and move to Munich for a little while. But when I started at STYLIGHT in September, I kinda knew it would be worth it :-) The internship was above all a really good experience; I learned so much about blogging, got to know lots of bloggers, learned a lot about marketing, PR, how to set up fashion related events, how to maintain social media, create content on the german speaking  websites and basically what it's like to work in a start-up. Oh and of course, I got to meet the best girls ever! If you have any questions concerning the internship, if you want to apply there as well, just email me and we can talk about it :-)

Today's outfit .. I never thought I'd join the Nike sneaker trend .. but I did. It took me quite a while to realize that they are really cool and oh my god, so comfy! While everybody was running 'round in sneakers in the office I was always wearing loafers, ballerina flats, heels, not always comfortable shoes ;-) So I just gave it a try and ordered them via Zalando as I still had a voucher left and well, I didn't want to take them off again! I wanted to go for something really simple, kinda a bit oldschool, these are just normal Nikes - no air max, no rushe run, no free - I still don't really like shoes that are super bold and make my feet look massive, that's probably why. As I already have white Adidas and Converse, I thought grey would be a nice touch - and they match perfectly with my selfmade checked coat from last year! What do you think? :-) Oh and today's article is named after Snow Patrols Just Say Yes! xx

sneakers - Nike
pants - Vero Moda
light jumper - H&M
bag - Zara
checked coat - selfmade
sunnies - H&M


  1. Nice post! Adorable style!

  2. Great post! Love the outfit!! (;

    -Stephanie Guerrero

  3. Thank you for sharing your internship experience, sounds like you didn't waste your time, I hope the experience that you've taken on board will enable you to achieve what you want. I liked your whole outfit, especially the selfmade coat, it is absolutely fab and can be styled in so many beautiful ways just like you delivered in this casual look. Wish you a nice week ahead!
    <3 xoxo

  4. ahw and I love YOUR sunnies <3 too bad they wouldn't look good on me :(

    <3 btw this coat is siiiick you got skills !!!!

  5. spannend, spannend! ich schreib dir dann gleich mal ne mail, hätt ein paar fragen ;)
    sneakers sind sowieso das beste! und die sonnenbrille und der blazer sind auch hammer!
    alles liebe, carina

  6. Sieht sehr sportlich aus steht dir und die blaue Tasche ist toll


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