Friday, March 7, 2014


pictures by itscohen

There's something really refreshing about spring. It makes me want to clean the whole apartment, clean out my closet, cut my hair (well, I already did that), eat suuuper healthy (oh yeah, we had pizza last night) and exercise more.. just change everything. Spring and autumn are the perfect seasons to change something in your life .. or at least, that's what I think. 

I am a little bit busy right now - on my way home to my parents place. Yesterday we had the big Stylight party where we released the new tv spot - I'd say it was a blast! Had lots of fun with the girls and other bloggers, but I will probably do a special post for this ;-) Today's outfit is really simple, I wore it last week at work, you might think I'm only wearing this beige coat all the time - well, I kinda do ;-) It's just perfect for the in between season where it's still a bit cold but not too cold to need a thick down jacket. I am really into ripped jeans right now - never really liked them but apparently this has changed in the course of my blogging career. Also I got this simple denim blouse from H&M - I was desperately looking for one and H&M had 50% off which was perfect! Today's outfit is really something different - I hardly wore jeans in the last few years, Ive never worn a denim blouse before AND of course, the adidas originals - they really made their way into my heart. SUPER comfy and perfect for running around all day at work. I hope you're all fine ;-) this week was really busy but I'll be back to my normal blogging routine next week! xx 

adias originals - gift from Kavita
pants - Mango , ripped them myself
bag - Gaudí
coat - H&M via Kleiderkreisel
top - Zara
denim blouse - H&M


  1. I love spring, I want eat clean too, but I eat pizza last night just like you ahaha.
    Perfect outfit! Love it!

  2. Love everything about this look. So cool and chic.

  3. nice look!

  4. I have the same feeling about spring, actually this feeling was infused in me since I started walking :) we have this national tradition celebrated in March which is like New Year, symbolizing new life, new hopes, new beginnings etc..
    Like your styling, absolutely spot on. Have a nice weekend darling! <3 xoxo

  5. Mir geht es genauso wie dir: Vor allem im Frühling nehme ich viele Veränderungen durch (oder besser gesagt: ich versuche es zumindest)^^ Das Outfit ist wie immer toll, die Jeans und die Jacke gefallen mir besonders gut! <3
    Ich freue mich schon darauf, wenn du wieder regelmäßiger bloggst und vor allem freue ich mich auf den Post über die Stylight Party. Der Werbespot ist richtig gut geworden! :)


  6. Chic and cosy!!

  7. I love your lipstick! spring time is so nice! it´s so sunny right now and it makes me to do lots of new things!

  8. i love your coat and you have mixed very well!
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