Monday, March 31, 2014


pictures by mumy

As you might know, if you follow my blog for a while  I love accessories out of wood. Maybe it's because I grew up on the countryside where there's wood everywhere, or maybe just because I like to have accessories out of stable material, so that they don't break after wearing them for a bit. When Time for Wood contacted me, I was super happy as they do amazing sunglasses! You might think they are heavy because, yeah, they are out of wood but they are much lighter than all of the sunglasses I've ever had! I've teamed up with them to show you these lovely mirrored sunnies with a blue / green shade! I paired them with a green top as I think the colors look amazing together! What do you guys think? It's funny how I told you in one of my previous posts that I want to get myself new sunnies as I'm always wearing my Ray Ban's all the time.

But this time it's not just me getting something, but you! You can get your own pair of wooden sunnies, a phonecase, headphones or even watches out of wood - but I would definitely recommend the sunnies .. I'm also having an eye on their phonecases but we will see :-) Using the code 'Lackofcolor.tfwyou can get a 20% discount on your order (valid until May 15th 2014) - so go ahead and if anyone of you gets sunnies, I'd love to see how you styled them!

I am back in Munich and already in the morning I made a bad discovery: my camera lens is broken and so I need to save up money for a new one and survive without it for a while. That's not really the way I planned it to be .. but oh well. Besides that, I had a day off today; I worked on the blog a lot and then headed over to a frozen yogurt place in Munich as I found out they have lactose free frozen yogurt there (UBER happy, as it's my first spring/summer where I'm lactose intolerant and I couldn't survive without frozen yogurt)! I wish you all a perfect start into a new week, I really hope yours was better than mine though!  xx

Sunday, March 30, 2014


pictures by the boy

Sorry for this little absence guys, I am such a bad blogger and it's almost funny as I just told you I want to start blogging four times a week .. oh well! But I'll definitely start by tomorrow :-) I took some time off from the computer and also social media, you might have noticed that I wasn't as much on Instagram as I usually am =) I am currently at my parents place and it's just great. The weather is aaamazing and suuuper sunny and I got spoiled with good food and some little goodies :-) Yesterday I went for a run with my mum and really enjoyed the beautiful and quiet landscape as I usually run in the city. All in all, a perfect weekend and I am now ready to start a new week full of new things to learn! 

Today's outfit was shot in Berlin by the boy and I absolutely love the athmosphere in the pictures! It's the first time that we did pictures while it was still sunny and I love how you can see the surrounding in my sunglasses. We took these at a little park which totally reminded me of Central Park in New York (I know, I watch too much gossip girl =) That day, I wore something really simple and classy. I paired my black crop top pullover, which I could wear all the time as it's so comfy and cool with a white blouse from H&M and heels. It was still a bit cold this week in Berlin, so my beanie was the perfect companion. I hope you all had a great week - I am now off to Munich, as I have to work on Tuesday, but I wish you a lovely Sunday! xx

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


pictures by the boy

Happy Humpday! Lately, I got sent this lovely outfit by Girissima, and I couldn't wait to take pictures with it! The jumpsuit is really casual, sporty and a bit edgy, the perfect choice for Berlin! I paired it with some heels, but could also imagine wearing it with sneakers some day. I wore a lace top underneath, just because I thought it would give the jumpsuit a girly touch. Since the weather changes all the time, it's really nice to have a light coat with me that goes with eeeverything - but the real eyecatcher of this outfit are the sunnies! Seriously, aren't they amazing? I love how I showed them to my mum and she said it reminds her of John Lennon. I've been wearing my rayban's now for six years but these sunnies from Le Specs made their way into my heart right away! I always thought only the shape of wayfarer sunglasses would suit me, but I was wrong!

As you all know, I am currently in Berlin and we took these pictures on the Flakturm. I looove the background of the pictures, it's just amazing and I wish we had something similar in Munich; Berlin is just full of nice places to shoot outfits, especially for streetstye! I can't wait to move here and work work work on tiny Lackofcolor blog! But for now, I will stay another night and then go see my parents before starting my next internship in Munich! See you on Friday with a new outfit post! Stay updated via Instagram! xx

Monday, March 24, 2014


pictures by the boy
HOLIDAY Hey hey guys! I'm having a week off before I'm starting my new internship at Prosieben on the first of April - feels really good to just relax, have some quality time with my beloved ones and spend the day thinking about the blog and future projects. I'm currently at the boy's place in Berlin where we took these pictures before heading to the cinema to see Charlie Chaplin in 'the great dictator' (I've never seen a Chaplin movie before, but it was fun indeed!) I was wearing really comfy clothes - this long oversized coat that I wanted to show you for ages but had no time to take pictures! I paired it with some simple jeans, a white top, beanie and my current obsession: my adidas originals. Honestly, I could wear these sneakers every single day (well, I wear them aaall the time, just don't take pictures every day ;-)

So what's going on right now .. I will stay in Berlin for a few days and just have the best time ever with my love - which means, good music & movies, work on the blog, take pictures and have the best food ever! After that I will go and visit my parents and work on some upcoming projects - super exciting, so stay tuned!! On the first of April, I will start my new internship at a tv channel in Munich - Prosieben. I am reeeeally excited and already a little bit nervous about it, but I'm sure it will be fine! I hope you're all doing well, I set myself a new goal: to blog four times a week from now on - hopefully it works out and I've got enough time, but I will try my best! xx

Saturday, March 22, 2014


pictures by labelsandlovesongs
FINISHED Oh my god .. this really feels crazy. I finished my six-month-internship at STYLIGHT yesterday .. and it just doesn't feel like that. I didn't really say goodbye to the girls as I will still see them on the weekend .. I mean, I will still be in Munich for another three months. But let's start from the beginning: I applied for this internship in June 2013 after realizing that the courses I took at Uni are not really what I wanted. That time, I was blogging for like .. 10 months or so and to be all honest, I didn't really know what STYLIGHT was about. So I applied out of the blue without telling my parents and then got a skype interview, which went alright (haha, it could have been better!). After that, it just took them a few days to confirm it and I had to tell my parents and decide to give up Uni in Austria and move to Munich for a little while. But when I started at STYLIGHT in September, I kinda knew it would be worth it :-) The internship was above all a really good experience; I learned so much about blogging, got to know lots of bloggers, learned a lot about marketing, PR, how to set up fashion related events, how to maintain social media, create content on the german speaking  websites and basically what it's like to work in a start-up. Oh and of course, I got to meet the best girls ever! If you have any questions concerning the internship, if you want to apply there as well, just email me and we can talk about it :-)

Today's outfit .. I never thought I'd join the Nike sneaker trend .. but I did. It took me quite a while to realize that they are really cool and oh my god, so comfy! While everybody was running 'round in sneakers in the office I was always wearing loafers, ballerina flats, heels, not always comfortable shoes ;-) So I just gave it a try and ordered them via Zalando as I still had a voucher left and well, I didn't want to take them off again! I wanted to go for something really simple, kinda a bit oldschool, these are just normal Nikes - no air max, no rushe run, no free - I still don't really like shoes that are super bold and make my feet look massive, that's probably why. As I already have white Adidas and Converse, I thought grey would be a nice touch - and they match perfectly with my selfmade checked coat from last year! What do you think? :-) Oh and today's article is named after Snow Patrols Just Say Yes! xx

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


pictures by itscohen

Heyo friends! It's already Wednesday and we are launching the US website here at STYLIGHT tonight - big celebration with lots of food. It's my last STYLIGHT party as a team member, so I'll make the best out of it - bring me the booze - haha! As you've seen on my social media, I spread the news that I got accepted at Uni in Berlin and I can't be more happy about this! I got the confirmation e mail yesterday in the morning and went a little crazy in between, .. whats apped all of my friends and did selfies in the restroom to show you guys how happy I am! haha - what a fun day! It is crazy how soon I got their confirmation, as I just had my qualifying test on Thursday last week .. but apparently they knew I really wanted this ;-) So what's the plan now .. I will start my second internship in April, after finishing it, I will move from Munich to Berlin and in September Uni is already starting - can't wait! Seriously, I told my friend who's going to start with me that I would love to start right away!

I shot these pictures today with Rebecca and Lauren (who just started her blog); gonna miss the STYLIGHT gals a lot, but we will definitely see each other on the weekend while I'm still in Munich. Recently, I found this really fun tee in my wardrobe with thumper on (I really hope you guys know him, as it's the sweetest rabbit on earth)! Unfortunately it's super windy today so you can't see his face on my pictures .. or maybe he just wasn't in the mood for pictures .. you never know. Anyway, I've never worn this t shirt before so it was my challenge to pull it off this year, as 2014 stands for changes! I paired it super simple with flats, a black trenchcoat and a sloppy hat - what do you think? I quite like this simple outfit but need to get used to printed tee's again! Happy humpday! xx 

Monday, March 17, 2014


pictures by itscohen
It's my last week at STYLIGHT - craaaazy! I had a really busy day today, training the new girl Anni who is taking over my job. She's a blogger as well, so you can check out her blog if you want ;-) Besides that, there's not much going on right now .. I am thinking about where and how to spend my holidays next week - might visit my parents & the boy and design and sew some garments - I haven't sewed anything for me since October last year, that is waaaay to long ago :)

Rebecca and I shot these pictures a while ago in a park near the office. I quite like the background as it's something different to where we usually take pictures, which is just in random streets. My outfit that day was super simple, I wanted to show you this skirt in aaages. It's a midi skirt from H&M that was sold out nearly everywhere in my size. I looked for it in on the german online shop, in Munich & Vienna, on the austrian online shop and then finally found it again on the german online shop and ordered it straight away - that's now about a month ago and it took them quite a while to deliver it but when I got it, I was just super happy! It's still a bit hard to combine as I'm tiiiiny, but with heels I think it looks really chic :) The top is a crop top from Zara - I never thought that I would like crop tops, but I bought two in the last month and can't wait to pair them and post looks on the blog! The red satchel bag was a gift by my aunt a few years ago, I must admit I never really used it that much as it's quite small but I will try to take it with me more often from now on, the color is just magical! Hope you guys are well! Happy Monday! xx

Friday, March 14, 2014


pictures by itscohen

WELCOME HOME As you all might know, I've been to Berlin this week to do a qualifying test at uni, and to be honest, I didn't know it would be that hard ..or maybe not suuper hard, but there were lots of tasks to do and it was a little exhausting. Going to Berlin on Wednesday by plane and then coming back Thursday evening (because I obviously had to work today) was a bit hard and I would have loved to stay longer but I will probably go back in two weeks anyway =) While I sat on the suburban train in Berlin, the sun was shining and I was on my way to uni, I had this amazing feeling of coming home, or feeling at home .. just feeling super happy, lucky and blessed to be there. Although I've been to Berlin loads of times since the boy lives there, this time was a little different. I can't really tell what it was, I just felt super happy and fell in love with the city again. Don't get me wrong, I like Munich, but I am always super excited to get to go to Berlin. I love the city, it's super dynamic and young, the architecture - there's always something new to explore and of course the people - their trashy, hipster but yet down to earth way of dressing. Ahh .. but I'm not gonna write a love letter to Berlin. Let's talk about todays outfit. 
It is craaaazy warm in Munich, I can't believe it! I wore this outfit today and immediately had to post it, as the pictures turned out super nice! With the new layout, I got super motivated to blog more often, do better pictures, better outfits .. all in all work on a better content for Lackofcolor! So today, I was wearing soft, comfy sweatpants, a white top and a springish blazer from Primark :-) This blazer makes me happy when I throw it on and it's perfect for spring/summer! As the new german vogue issue just arrived I thought it would look nice with the outfit. What do you guys think? xx

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


pictures by itscohen

Hello hello! I am currently on my way to Berlin; when you read this I'll be sitting on the airport not knowing what to do ;-) I've got an important day at Uni tomorrow, so wish me luck! Actually, I wanted to post a different outfit today, but when we shot these pictures, I loved them so much that I had to post them on the next day and together with the new layout. YES, I finally spoiled myself with a new layout! I am really bad at HTML or CSS so I bought it from pipdig (really nice layouts, super simple and Phil did a great job on mine) and just changed a few things such as color, header, and so on :-) I hope you like it - I really think it was time to change tiny Lackofcolor blog a little bit and I am absolutely in love with the new layout!

Regarding today's outfit - I got this  really cute and bright yellow coat from my mum. She ordered it on Sheinside but as she's super tall it didn't fit her - luckily, I'm only a tiny 5 foot 2 so it's perfect for me! For all of you out there, I would recommend you to get it in a bigger size that you usually are as it comes in smaller. I am super happy to have this yellow coat now, as I find it really difficult of what jacket/coat I should wear in Spring. It's too cold for my beloved trenchcoats but I just don't want to wear my winter coats anymore (especially because they are in darker colors). Ah well, I will probably sew myself a coat for this in-between season! I hope you're all doing well, happy Wednesday! xx

Monday, March 10, 2014


while preparing the club

UPDATE Sorry for the lack of blogposts last week .. can't believe I just did two ... feeling really guilty but I was suuper busy with work. This time I will give you a little insight of how we set up the Party, I really hope you're interested, if not, just tell me ;-) As you might know, I'm doing an internship at Stylight in Munich (two weeks left and I've done six months - really proud!) and I am moreover responsible for all the German, Austrian and Swiss bloggers, set up collaborations and so on. So when we wanted to release the new TV Spot we of course wanted to invite a few Munich based bloggers and spoil them a little bit ;-) Since I am one of the only ones who speaks German fluently in the office I was just crazy busy helping everywhere. We packed 500 Goodiebags on Wednesday and on Thursday we prepared the club for all the guests and then I met my lovely german VIP bloggers at the fabulous Salon Pauli in the centre of Munich where they all got their make up and hair done (me included!) After a while we headed over to P1 club, where we arranged Pizza and of course free drinks ;-) I met really cool and lovely blogger girls and boys and we just had a blast. I mean, how could you not love it, if you get free pizza and drinks all night and then the DJ plays Spice Girls? Awww .. I am not much of a party/disco girl but every half a year I just need to dance all night long on the dancefloor - most of the time to really girly and quirky music and it was indeed perfect!

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take any photos of my outfit, but I wore this blue one shoulder dress from Asos with blue wedge heels (just to make sure I can run around all night long) .. at two in the morning I changed to my converse though ;-) I took most of the pictures with my mobile phone and I don't have any nice I phone so don't judge me :-P The party itself was suuuper funny, I loved all the girls and boys, but the days before and even the days after are really busy and I am quite happy to have a few days off in a bit! I hope you're all fine and you had a nice weekend! I will probably post again on either Wednesday or Thursday .. I'm going to Berlin on Wednesday as I have an interview at Uni on Thursday - will keep you all updated via Social Media! xx

Friday, March 7, 2014


pictures by itscohen

There's something really refreshing about spring. It makes me want to clean the whole apartment, clean out my closet, cut my hair (well, I already did that), eat suuuper healthy (oh yeah, we had pizza last night) and exercise more.. just change everything. Spring and autumn are the perfect seasons to change something in your life .. or at least, that's what I think. 

I am a little bit busy right now - on my way home to my parents place. Yesterday we had the big Stylight party where we released the new tv spot - I'd say it was a blast! Had lots of fun with the girls and other bloggers, but I will probably do a special post for this ;-) Today's outfit is really simple, I wore it last week at work, you might think I'm only wearing this beige coat all the time - well, I kinda do ;-) It's just perfect for the in between season where it's still a bit cold but not too cold to need a thick down jacket. I am really into ripped jeans right now - never really liked them but apparently this has changed in the course of my blogging career. Also I got this simple denim blouse from H&M - I was desperately looking for one and H&M had 50% off which was perfect! Today's outfit is really something different - I hardly wore jeans in the last few years, Ive never worn a denim blouse before AND of course, the adidas originals - they really made their way into my heart. SUPER comfy and perfect for running around all day at work. I hope you're all fine ;-) this week was really busy but I'll be back to my normal blogging routine next week! xx 

Monday, March 3, 2014


pictures by itscohen

WEEKEND WORDS Sorry for skipping the Sunday evening post .. I was a little absent and busy these past two days but it felt really good! As you might have noticed, I didn't instagram as much as I usually do; I barely looked at my phone to be honest - and it's really nice to do this every once in a while since I am usually pretty addicted to my phone. As you might know, I was at my parents place and it was one of the best weekends in the last few weeks/months. I don't know why I am that happy about the past few days as they were nothing really special, but oh so lovely. I spent my saturday afternoon in Linz with the boy; just having food, coffee and walking through this lovely small town. The only thing I posted on my social media was our "costume" for saturday night as it is carneval time in our hometown. It was really a last minute decision to surprise my girlfriends at their yearly carneval party as they thought I'd be in Germany ;-) It was sooo good to see them again and party with them. On Sunday I was a little hungover and tired so we just had deeeelicious lunch and in the evening I went back to fancy Munich. This weekend really felt like a little holiday as I was really busy these past few weeks with working, studying, sports, whatever. I feel super relaxed now and I am really motivated to go back to work - which means, sewing a handbag on the weekend and then get a new project started =) 

Concerning today's outfit - as it's getting warmer outside I can't wait to wear lighter pants again and sandals or pumps! SO looking forward to this! I paired these blue ones from Mango with a simple stripey pullover and wedge heels. I really liked the look as it is casual but with a red lippy and heels I could have gone out as well ;-) Also, today's post is called Munich, not just because I'm living there right now, but I recently found a song by one of my fav bands when I was younger - The Fray. I loooved this band when I was about 14 and it turned up on my I Pod last year and so I searched for new songs and found Vienna (the city I lived in last year). Fun fact is, that this year I found their song called Munich .. feel like they are going to make up a song called Berlin next year, just for me! xx

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