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KEEP YOUR HEELS, HEAD AND STANDARDS HIGH My outfit from Saturday where I spent the afternoon with Rebecca in town. We checked out the pop up exhibition from the german uni called AMD (which is also the one I'm applying for). The girls and boys made really cool designs and did a good job making them, some were really impressive and I think it took them quite a long time to sew them. I have to admit, this Saturday kinda made me think about the future (no surprise as the event was called by future, haha .. not funny) I thought about myself .. I always wanted to work with fashion .. and I always wanted to be a fashion journalist, whereas a little part of me always wanted to have my own collection, brand, to break it down .. being a designer has always been in the back of my head. I am really happy that I attended a fashion school so that I can sew, design, make pattern constructions, all these things that are quite important (not completely necessary but I think these are good skills) if you want to work in the hard world of fashion. So the rest of the day I was a little daydreamin and thought about what I want to achieve in life... and this is a really long list .. ;-)

Todays outfit - I am more and more into pastel and could wear light blue and pink all the time - that's why I combined them for this outfit. The items are nothing new if you follow me for a while, but I never paired them like this and I think one of the main eye catchers are the pointed heels! This gorgeous pair of shoes moved into my shoe shelf on Friday and I loove them! You might have seen them on my instagram as I am so in love with them, eek! They are out of real leather and were on sale for twenty euro - this calls for a bargain! I think they are perfect for spring and summer as they are closed in the front but still a little bit like sandals .. You will definitely see them in future posts! I hope you guys are alright - I will rush home now where the boy is waiting for me - haven't seen him in more than a month, exciiiting! 
have  a great evening! xx

heels - Zara
skirt - Pimkie
top - Zara
bag - vintage
beanie - no name
scarf - H&M


  1. Perfect heels!! <3

    New post!! --->

  2. adorable look!

  3. cute look!!! love your shoes

  4. Der Look ist echt total schön, ich liebe Pastelltöne! :)
    Und deine neuen Heels sind echt der Hammer! <3


  5. Nice blog and post! Love these photos and outfit! I knew that you are from Austria when I saw your second picture! :)

    1. how did you notice? ;-) I am currently living in Germany though :)

  6. WOW you look so pretty! NEW FAN :)

    Love, Aline

  7. Beautiful outfit! Love the shoes!


  8. Steht dir ausgezeichnet alles harmoniert wunderbar

  9. These shoes and this bag really are a beautiful choice.
    Eni K.

  10. These shoes are just perfect ;)
    Kisses <3

  11. Nice skirt! Love the shoes! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  12. biiig thanks to all of you for the lovely comments :) xx

  13. Ich liebe deinen Style und folge dir nun auf Lookbook,Stylelight und dein Blog :)

    Liebste Grüße


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