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WORK UNIFORM As you might have seen on my social media, I got this little phone case for my phone from caseable. When they contacted me, I went a little crazy because, well, I don't own an Iphone. They are just too expensive and I have never really been a techie. So yes, I was super happy because they have phone cases for my lovely Samsung s2 and I was craaaving for a nice phone case (I remember talking to Kavita about this thousands of times and we couldn't find any nice cases for this old phone on the internet, haha) When I saw that you can design your own case, I immediately began to brainstorm in my head .. actually I always wanted something bright and girly but then I thought.. why not sketch something? Well and this is the result! What do you think? I am already thinking about getting myself a cool laptopcase but I might wait until I get myself a new laptop because the old one is kinda broken :-D

Today's outfit could really be called my work uniform. This is basically what I look like most of the days. Thanks to my sisters I got these super cool white headphones, that are perfect to avoid talking to people on the tube because they think you can't hear them. Most of the time I really can't hear them but sometimes it's just nice pretending to listen to music so no one bothers you ;-) Also, I have been obsessed with this fake fur coat in the last few weeks because it's super warm and has this magical color that seems to be different all the time. Right now it's not too cold in fancy Munich, but when snow and cold degrees hit us I am prepared with statement beanies, gloves and overknees - I really think when it's freezing cold outside its very important to keep your hands, your head and your feet warm ;-) xx

boots - Forever 21
fake fur coat - New Yorker
bag - Ullmann Fashion
beanie - H&M
gloves - gift from mumy
headphones - Sony
Samsung phone case - c/o caseable


  1. We have the same beanie and i like your coat so much dear :D


  2. Beautiful look, dear:)
    Great post!
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  3. Love it!

  4. bin auch schon sehr gespannt wie meine caseable - sachen ausschaun :)
    Deine selbst-designte Hülle ist übrigens wunderschön!!

    LG, Theri

  5. What a great outfit for work! I'm usually struggling to put together an outfit when I wake up at 4-5am for work :P

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  6. you look fabulous in this outfit and your coat is gorgeous,just like those headphones :) i also like to pretend sometimes that i'm listening to music just so that everybody leaves me alone ;)

  7. I love this outfit, the coat is amazing. I love the case too, the illustration on it is so lovely!


  8. Love the case!

  9. Der Mantel ist wahnsinnig toll! Solche schönen Stücke kann New Yorker herstellen? Genial! Toller Look und schöner Blog!


    1. Haha, ja hin und wieder bin ich von New Yorker echt überrascht :-) xx

  10. Ein wirklich toller Look! :) <3
    Der Mantel ist echt super schön, auf meinem nächsten Shoppingtrip werde ich auf jeden Fall meine Augen danach offen halten ;) Und die Hülle ist auch richtig schön geworden! :) <3


  11. Nice outfit! The beanie is sooo cute.

  12. wow, love your style! cute phonecase too!

  13. Die Mütze ist toll und das Case natürlich auch :)

  14. awesome :) Love your phone cover

    Check my BLOG:

  15. That's a great look. My eyes were drawn to the boots, personally!

  16. You look marvelous Carmen!!! Love the coat and the cute beanie. I don't have a Samsung phone but the case is so cute.

    xx Mira

  17. love your iPhone case!
    gorgeous outfit

  18. Das Cover ist super gefällt mir ausgezeichnet

  19. toller Mantel - besonders die Lederhandschuhe dazu :)


  20. hello darling, I really like your blog and your photos!!! would u like to follow each other on gfc and facebook???I always follow back
    PS: I have a giveaway on my blog right now!!!

  21. Hi dear!! Good morning :)
    Your blog is so cool, i really love your style!!
    Come to see mine, and my new post "Stand here"

  22. I absolutely love your blog! I just followed you on instagram and bloglovin' and I would love it if you followed me back too !! I actually just started my own and would really appreciate it if you have any free time and would check it out! I post about travel, yoga, meditation, health and fitness, beauty, and more. Thank you so much!

  23. thank you guys for your super cute comments :) xx


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