Tuesday, January 21, 2014


pictures by itscohen

RESOLUTIONS I did make up some new years resolutions - mostly fashion related ones. The first one was to wear jeans more often, blue jeans to be more precisely. I don't know why but I just wear black jeans .. I always thought blue jeans would not really suit me and that they are way too casual for me. Anyway, I called my mum last week to tell her that I wanna wear jeans more often and I think she was really glad, as she is that kind of woman who looooves jeans to pieces. Seriously, I think she couldn't even count all of the pairs she has ;-) So when I got home on the weekend, we were looking for a nice pair of jeans. I didn't want to buy a new pair because I wasn't sure of how often I will wear it, so I kindly asked my mum for a pair of hers ;-) thanks again! (and yes, we kinda have the same size, I just had to shorten them because my mum is quite tall) We found this really old pair of Diesel Jeans - her favorite, a while ago. The legs were quite wide but I just tightened them ;-) As I wanted ripped jeans I spent my Saturday morning ripping those jeans like a badass and I must admit - I am more than happy with the result! As I am such a newcomer to jeans, I paired them simple with black and grey clothes .. what do you think?

So, there is not much going on. I am currently studying whenever I have some free time for my exam on Friday - will go to Vienna on Thursday - can't wait to see my sister and all of my girls on the weekend - yay! But after this week I am so happy to relax a bit. There are still a few projects going on in February, such as the new Stylight commercial shoot, but all in all, I just wanna keep it casual. I am thinking about sewing myself a new coat in February .. maybe one for spring ;-) I will keep you updated! Have a great evening! xx

boots - Zara
pants - Diesel - ripped by myself
jumper & hat - H&M
bag and vest - Ullmann Fashion


  1. amazing look! love your boots so much and I really like the way you styled the pieeces!!!

  2. I love the hat! I totally need one of those for the outfits on my own blog! It looks so classy haha

    xx Fabienne

    Runn-Way - www.runn-way.com

  3. I wear also so often black denims - good idea to wear blue denims often, too! You created a cool look!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  4. Nice look and nice pictures as well!
    The vest is really cute!

  5. wow - toller Hut und super hübsches Outfit ^^ bin sehr begeistert !!!

    liebst Lorá
    Mein Blog (klick)

  6. Wonderful look!! I like your boyish distressed jeans styled with a lady-like hat.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, stay in touch ;-)


  7. Love this outfit! The hat and the boots add such a chic and sleek touch to the whole look.

  8. Amazing hat :)

    Greetings from Paris, meine liebe !

  9. thank you guys for your lovely comments =) so happy that you liked the look! xx

  10. Love your hat! Xx


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