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BUSY BEE AGAIN I am such a weirdo, wearing my pastel colored spring coat in January. To be honest, it wasn't that cold as I was wearing my super thick 84 pullover underneath, but still. Whenever there's a single sign for spring outside, as it was yesterday (the sun was shining bright onto my face and I could feel getting tanned .. ;-) ) I completely forget that it could be cold outside and got my spring wardrobe ready! So for yesterdays lovely afternoon in a tiny café where Rebecca and I had delicious cake I decided on wearing a simple black and white combination with this pastel coat and my beloved round sunnies.

I am quite busy right now, that's why I'm trying to keep the post short. I just got the tasks for my application for uni and they are quite demanding so I really need to focus on working on them as they should be done within two weeks. Also I am working on another leather-bag-project which should be finished by the end of January. Yay yay! I am that kind of person that loves stress and I am definitely more creative when working under pressure! Wish me luck! Oh and guess who just got a haircut? ;-)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. the colour of your coat is lovely! Nice against grey winter days!!

  2. I love this outfit! Love the sweather, coat and your sunnies :)


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