Friday, January 31, 2014


pictures by itscohen

Thank god it's Friday. You all know the feeling when you have a really bad day? You feel like nothing is going right? And I'm not talking about a bad hair day - even though, yes, I had that this week :-D When having a bad day, or a whole week, I either eat chocolate (or pizza), watch Breakfast at Tiffany's (surprise!), go shopping or, when it's the worst ever, I wear something in pastel. Yay, so this was my week (I did all of those things) - it was a bit shitty, but hey, that's life. To brighten up my Friday, I planned to wear something in pastel. I don't know how you feel but when I am not in a good mood I tend to wear something .. boring ... colorless and oversized, you got me. This time I wanted to change it by wearing something that could make me feel better .. I say could because, well, while I write this the day is not over yet, but I feel a bit more happy ;-) So it kinda worked. I wore some pink pants bought in summer time at Mango's, the beloved pink sweater I always wear when it's super cold, and my lovely H&M conscious collection bag. Unfortunately I don't have any pastel colored shoes, seriously, I would have worn them if a whole pastel outfit would have made me feel better :-D I feel a bit like candy when wearing all of these pieces, especially because I'm not wearing the coat at work - so I really walk around with this candy colored outfit. BUT I like it and it makes me crave for spring even more.

What are your plans for the weekend? We are going to shoot the new tv commercial for Stylight tomorrow and I will probably go out with the girls afterwards welcoming the "new uk girl" aka Stephanie! On Sunday I am busy working/sewing and doing some sports. My roommate showed me how to do boxing on her Wii because I complained about doing sports outside as its too cold .. haha. Wish you all a great weekend! xx

boots - Zara
pants - Mango
jumper - Zara
bag - H&M conscious collection
coat - Ullmann Fashion


  1. Ich liebe dein Outfit, der Pulli und die Tasche gefallen mir besonders gut ! Ich greife zurzeit auch ziemlich gerne zu Pastelltönen ;)
    Ich bin mir sicher, der neue Stylight Werbespot wird wieder richtig toll und ich hoffe, du hast dieses Wochenende viel Spaß mit deinen Freundinnen :)


  2. Love the pants and bag, you look gorgeous!

  3. Cute outfit, love the color combo!

  4. a perfect casual outfit for weekends
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  5. Urghh I can totally relate!
    Nice outfit :)

  6. cool! Lets follow by instagram and facebook?
    KIsses SE

  7. cute outfit, I love the cute Zara knit! So perfect for the colder but still looking stylish.


  8. Casual chic. I love your mini bag!

  9. that bag is very lovely! Great mix&match too <3

  10. What a cute purse, I love it!

    x Karen

  11. nice look! the bag is so cute!

  12. Beautiful bag!!!
    Perhaps you'd like to follow each other on


  13. big thanks for all the lovely comments!! xx

  14. Super schönes Outfit, so unkompliziert schick :-) Und ich finde die schwarzen Boots dazu auch gar nicht verkehrt. Wenn beige-farbene, was hälst du von den Wildleder Stiefeletten von French Connection hier für deinen Look?

    LG, Anne

  15. Leather boots??? Love the variety of colors, nude and black, sophisticated and soft.
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    Talk to you soon


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