Sunday, January 5, 2014


pictures by itscohen

A NEW CRUSH Hello everybody! I spent such a nice Sunday with Rebecca in town. We had a nice walk through the English garden and of course a lovely chat at some coffee company. This is what I would call the perfect Sunday. Just having chai latte (new obession!) and walking through a nice city. I really like the English garden in Munich and I am excited to see it in spring time as I think it will be lovely with lots of flowers and bright colors =) Aww .. I can't wait for spring! When I moved to Munich, I always wanted to take pictures in this garden some day and I am really happy with the result! 

As I am craving for spring right now, as it's my favorite season, I wanted to make this grey day a bit brighter by wearing my red boots. Well and red boots should be paired with a nice pair of jeans like these. If you follow me for a while you might know that I am not that into jeans but I thought about challenging myself and wearing them more this year. What a new years resolution ;-) I am thinking about getting a simple pair of skinny jeans and ripping them. To be honest, I always hated ripped jeans but right now I would really love to have some. Also, I am wearing an incredible cool hat in these pictures and I am having a huge crush on it. I borrowed it from Rebecca and I am absolutely in love! It has the perfect shape and I really really want it now! I might get myself the same one in black when I'm back in Berlin next week because there's the next Urban Outfitters shop. Whoop! SO excited, can't wait! Have a nice evening!

boots - H&M
jeans - Killah
pullover - Zara
cape - no name
scarf - H&M
bag - Gaudí
hat - borrowed off Rebecca - Urban Outfitters


  1. wow, sehr toller look! Die roten Schuhe runden alles etwas auf ;) <3



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