Friday, January 31, 2014


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Thank god it's Friday. You all know the feeling when you have a really bad day? You feel like nothing is going right? And I'm not talking about a bad hair day - even though, yes, I had that this week :-D When having a bad day, or a whole week, I either eat chocolate (or pizza), watch Breakfast at Tiffany's (surprise!), go shopping or, when it's the worst ever, I wear something in pastel. Yay, so this was my week (I did all of those things) - it was a bit shitty, but hey, that's life. To brighten up my Friday, I planned to wear something in pastel. I don't know how you feel but when I am not in a good mood I tend to wear something .. boring ... colorless and oversized, you got me. This time I wanted to change it by wearing something that could make me feel better .. I say could because, well, while I write this the day is not over yet, but I feel a bit more happy ;-) So it kinda worked. I wore some pink pants bought in summer time at Mango's, the beloved pink sweater I always wear when it's super cold, and my lovely H&M conscious collection bag. Unfortunately I don't have any pastel colored shoes, seriously, I would have worn them if a whole pastel outfit would have made me feel better :-D I feel a bit like candy when wearing all of these pieces, especially because I'm not wearing the coat at work - so I really walk around with this candy colored outfit. BUT I like it and it makes me crave for spring even more.

What are your plans for the weekend? We are going to shoot the new tv commercial for Stylight tomorrow and I will probably go out with the girls afterwards welcoming the "new uk girl" aka Stephanie! On Sunday I am busy working/sewing and doing some sports. My roommate showed me how to do boxing on her Wii because I complained about doing sports outside as its too cold .. haha. Wish you all a great weekend! xx

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


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WORK UNIFORM As you might have seen on my social media, I got this little phone case for my phone from caseable. When they contacted me, I went a little crazy because, well, I don't own an Iphone. They are just too expensive and I have never really been a techie. So yes, I was super happy because they have phone cases for my lovely Samsung s2 and I was craaaving for a nice phone case (I remember talking to Kavita about this thousands of times and we couldn't find any nice cases for this old phone on the internet, haha) When I saw that you can design your own case, I immediately began to brainstorm in my head .. actually I always wanted something bright and girly but then I thought.. why not sketch something? Well and this is the result! What do you think? I am already thinking about getting myself a cool laptopcase but I might wait until I get myself a new laptop because the old one is kinda broken :-D

Today's outfit could really be called my work uniform. This is basically what I look like most of the days. Thanks to my sisters I got these super cool white headphones, that are perfect to avoid talking to people on the tube because they think you can't hear them. Most of the time I really can't hear them but sometimes it's just nice pretending to listen to music so no one bothers you ;-) Also, I have been obsessed with this fake fur coat in the last few weeks because it's super warm and has this magical color that seems to be different all the time. Right now it's not too cold in fancy Munich, but when snow and cold degrees hit us I am prepared with statement beanies, gloves and overknees - I really think when it's freezing cold outside its very important to keep your hands, your head and your feet warm ;-) xx

Sunday, January 26, 2014


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CITY LIFE AND OLD FRIENDS Today we are talking about basics. It's not about the perfect white blouse that's not too transparent (nude bra's are a real lifesaver btw), not about the perfect white t shirt or the perfect jeans that make your ass look aaa-mazing. Oh, and its also not about the perfect black/brown leather jacket. No. I wanna talk about the perfect turtleneck. I bought mine at Mango about a month ago and I looove it. It has the same effect as a white blouse - it makes you look fresh within a second. I have never really liked turtleneck shirts or sweaters too much but this season I got a bit obsessed as they make your look so simple and chic. Next basic garment: the perfect sweatpants. Who would have thought that I would wear sweatpants to work or just to go out? I remember when we wore them at school when it was "sweatpants-day" and I never really had a nice one cause I didn't really like them. Thank you Isabel Marant for making such a perfect pair of sweatpants that is both comfy but oh so versatile. Third basic garment: a (white) oversized blazer. You might have seen me wearing this blazer a lot because I love blazers, especially in light colors. They make you look really sophisticated ;-) The last two basics are black boots, (but we all know that) and this little bag that you can actually fold and put in every suitcase. This bag is magical. Whenever I feel like I should bring another bag with me if I go somewhere (which happened quite a lot in the past few weeks) I think of this bag as it doesn't take up any space in my suitcase. Its just perfect for travelling, and oh, perfect for this outfit as it's so simple.

Anyway, when you read this I will be on my way home from Vienna to Munich. I had such a nice weekend and it felt so good to be back in the city where I used to live. So many memories .. oh well. I had the most amazing brunch ever at my sister's and met my girls for coffee. Soo good to see all of them again, talking about the last few months and their plans for the future. I have to admit that I miss them like crazy right now. Its a lot of fun living in a city where one of your sisters lives and all of your best friends are too .. but I think I will just have to come visit them more often ;-) Also Vienna made me kinda realize that I really wanna move to a bigger city than Munich. I just miss the feeling of waking up in the morning, opening the window and seeing busy streets and colorful painted old houses haha :-) I hope you all had a lovely weekend! See you soon! xx

Thursday, January 23, 2014


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ROUGE VOLUPTÉ SHINE YSL New in! I can't tell you how excited and happy I was when I got my very first Yves Saint Laurent lipstick .. last weekend! I wanted something pink for spring because I am craving for spring make up, spring wardrobes and spring weather right now! Although I thought I just like matte lipsticks I fell for this shiny pink one! I think it's perfect for every other day as it's not too bright (it might appear a bit more colorful and bright on the pictures) ;-) When I got it I wanted to do a special post with it as it means something really special to me. (did that about a year ago with my very first Lancôme lipstick, also in pink)

I have a huuuge crush on lipsticks for a while now and nearly every second or third month a new member hits the family. When it comes to my skin I am really focused on high quality products, so when I buy lipsticks, I like to buy high end ones because my lips don't get dry and I have the feeling that I should do that...I mean, this is my face and I will be running around with it for quite a while so I really don't wanna ruin it at a tender age of 20 ;-) I tried loads of lipsticks, cheap ones when I was younger and then got obsessed with MAC. I usually just buy MAC because I love their matte lipsticks, they don't make my lips dry AND the price is perfect, but for some reason I always wanted to have those fancy YSL lipsticks with this amazingly beautiful design which makes them look really classy. My mum fulfilled this dream on the weekend and I was happy like a three year old getting a new barbie (we girls know how amazing that feeling is.. ) Anyway, I am thinking about doing special lipstick posts in the future, whenever I treat myself with a new one ;-) 

I am off to Vienna now - follow me on Instagram if you wanna see what I am doing all day long! hope you like the pictures!  xx

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


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RESOLUTIONS I did make up some new years resolutions - mostly fashion related ones. The first one was to wear jeans more often, blue jeans to be more precisely. I don't know why but I just wear black jeans .. I always thought blue jeans would not really suit me and that they are way too casual for me. Anyway, I called my mum last week to tell her that I wanna wear jeans more often and I think she was really glad, as she is that kind of woman who looooves jeans to pieces. Seriously, I think she couldn't even count all of the pairs she has ;-) So when I got home on the weekend, we were looking for a nice pair of jeans. I didn't want to buy a new pair because I wasn't sure of how often I will wear it, so I kindly asked my mum for a pair of hers ;-) thanks again! (and yes, we kinda have the same size, I just had to shorten them because my mum is quite tall) We found this really old pair of Diesel Jeans - her favorite, a while ago. The legs were quite wide but I just tightened them ;-) As I wanted ripped jeans I spent my Saturday morning ripping those jeans like a badass and I must admit - I am more than happy with the result! As I am such a newcomer to jeans, I paired them simple with black and grey clothes .. what do you think?

So, there is not much going on. I am currently studying whenever I have some free time for my exam on Friday - will go to Vienna on Thursday - can't wait to see my sister and all of my girls on the weekend - yay! But after this week I am so happy to relax a bit. There are still a few projects going on in February, such as the new Stylight commercial shoot, but all in all, I just wanna keep it casual. I am thinking about sewing myself a new coat in February .. maybe one for spring ;-) I will keep you updated! Have a great evening! xx

Sunday, January 19, 2014


WHEN I LOOK BACK ON MY ORDINARY LIFE .. I am back in Munich again. It feels a bit weird being in another city every weekend and although I looove being in different cities it feels great to come home and relax. You might know that I am going to Vienna on Thursday, that is why I am appreciating the next four days in my lovely tiny apartment cause it's been a while =) Unfortunately, I don't have much time to relax as I have to study for exam at uni and organize the next weeks of work a bit. BUT I had a lovely  weekend at my parents place where I could rest and fill up my energy with FOOD. I always get spoiled when I'm at my parents place ;-) As you could see if you follow my social media, I went to my high schools prom on Friday, dressed up in a fancy dress and had a great time with my girls from home. On Saturday I just relaxed and spent some quality time with my parents.

Todays outfit is what I wore on Friday to work. I must admit, I always struggled a bit with these boots. I love them to pieces but brown has been a really hard color to combine for me. Lately, I just tried to pair it with grey clothes as I don't really like brown and black too much, and voilá - I love the combination of brown and grey! Also I wore this lovely blouse with little cat heads on and my beloved bouclé jacket. I loved to look in the mirror seeing the pattern of the jacket and the tiny kittens on the blouse - made me feel great within a moment! Of course I couldn't got with a lipstick, so this time  I chose "diva" from Mac =) Happy Sunday evening! xx

Thursday, January 16, 2014


pictures by itscohen
STILL WORKING ON THOSE DOCS, MAN Although I already have blister on my feet I need to break in my docs. That's why the new outfit post is with my beloved black doc martens which make my feet look a bit massive .. well, that's at least what I think, but lovely Rebecca said that my size three feet just can't look massive no matter what shoes I wear! So today I was wearing amazingly cool green and blue checked pants from Zara, black top and jacket, and my fake fur from Mango. I must admit that this outfit felt a bit weird in the beginning since I was wearing checked pants and combined them with doc martens - very characteristic for grunge. But I pulled it off and liked it in the end quite a lot :-) What do you think?

My very stressful week number one is almost over and it wasn't that bad. I did all the tasks for my application for uni though I was in Berlin a few days, I started studying for my exam and tomorrow I will go home to my parents place, have some meetings and go to PROM! Yes, it's my high schools prom again and a very good friend of mine is in his last year - can't miss this! Luckily my dress arrived yesterday, otherwise I wouldn't have known what to do as it would have been to late to sew one .. Anyway, I feel like sixteen again, getting excited about going to prom, dressing up and partying with the girls - aww .. can't wait! I will keep you all updated on Instagram ;-) Have a great great weekend! xx

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


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WHAT A WEEKEND! I went to Berlin on Saturday because yesterday was the boys birthday - happy birthday again babe! As its Berlin Fashionweek right now and the fabulous Stylight Fashion Blogger Awards took part yesterday as well, the girls from Stylight came to Berlin as well. We had a lovely day, a bit of sightseeing, taking pictures in front of Brandenburgertor and having Starbucks coffee of course ;-) It was really fun taking pictures while doing sightseeing. I've been to Berlin quite a few times but I have never really shared the typical touristic places with you, so I thought it would be a nice idea to take pictures there. I am also thinking about, for my next Berlin trip, that I might take pictures somewhere else, East Side Gallery or whatever =) I think it would be cool to show you some places I visit, not just in Berlin but also in Munich, and oh, I'm going to Vienna next weekend! 

It is really getting cold in Europe. I was so happy that we had no snow until yet but I can feel it getting colder day by day and snow will soon hit us, I just know ;-) Actually I am already into spring and spring clothes but I think I need to wait a little longer for wearing dresses or at least light clothes again! That is the reason why I borrowed off this amazing backstitched pullover from the boy! It goes just perfect with my selfmade jacket which is also backstitched - oh well! As I always wear beanies I wanted to change and wear caps more often - I have so many headgears it is crazy!! I hope you all are fine, I am a bit stressed with uni, work and my application right now but back on normal blogging in a bit! Happy Tuesday! xx

Thursday, January 9, 2014


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BOMBER JACKET I am such a happy girl with my new hair! If you follow me on my social media you might have already seen that I cut my hair, like .. a lot. At least 20cm were cut off from a lovely hairdresser in Munich. I was just smiling all the time, looking like a total idiot while she always said "well now you are smiling but please don't start crying and please don't hate me when you go out of my shop". BUT I am so happy with this change, I have never ever had short hair - whoop! What do you guys think? I need to get used to how to style it but this new hair length kind of inspires me with my outfits. I have so many new outfit ideas for the next months and I am desperately craving for spring! I read a lot of blogposts in the past few days where all the bloggers complained about a lack of inspiration in January - well I've got mine!
So for my first outfit post I wore my new doc martens which I am desperately trying to break in right now, my challenge was to wear them everyday the whole week but I just managed to wear them three days in a row as they hurt ;-) As I was in such a casual mode I wore my new sale find - this awesome black and white bomber jacket from Mango - I AM IN LOVE! Such a cool jacket I could wear it all the time! Paired everything with the shoes, a turtleneck anda black beanie - I just love the whole outfit! When I got the docs I immediately thought about paring them with either my bouclé blazers or a bomber jacket, although these shoes are not what I am used to wear I love them and I think they look a bit more like me with pairing them at least a bit girly =)

So this week has been pretty intense. Besides working on my uni application which contains a few essays there is a lot of work to do at Stylight as it's Berlin Fashion Week next week and the one and only Stylight Fashion Blogger Awards - whoop! Is anyone of you guys coming? I worked quite hard at the office and then brainstormed and worked on a shooting I will do on the weekend for my uni application. I am SO excited! On Sunday I will head to Berlin to see the boy as it's his birthday - yay! What are your plans for the weekend? Are you as busy as me?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


pictures by itscohen

BUSY BEE AGAIN I am such a weirdo, wearing my pastel colored spring coat in January. To be honest, it wasn't that cold as I was wearing my super thick 84 pullover underneath, but still. Whenever there's a single sign for spring outside, as it was yesterday (the sun was shining bright onto my face and I could feel getting tanned .. ;-) ) I completely forget that it could be cold outside and got my spring wardrobe ready! So for yesterdays lovely afternoon in a tiny café where Rebecca and I had delicious cake I decided on wearing a simple black and white combination with this pastel coat and my beloved round sunnies.

I am quite busy right now, that's why I'm trying to keep the post short. I just got the tasks for my application for uni and they are quite demanding so I really need to focus on working on them as they should be done within two weeks. Also I am working on another leather-bag-project which should be finished by the end of January. Yay yay! I am that kind of person that loves stress and I am definitely more creative when working under pressure! Wish me luck! Oh and guess who just got a haircut? ;-)

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


pictures by itscohen

A NEW CRUSH Hello everybody! I spent such a nice Sunday with Rebecca in town. We had a nice walk through the English garden and of course a lovely chat at some coffee company. This is what I would call the perfect Sunday. Just having chai latte (new obession!) and walking through a nice city. I really like the English garden in Munich and I am excited to see it in spring time as I think it will be lovely with lots of flowers and bright colors =) Aww .. I can't wait for spring! When I moved to Munich, I always wanted to take pictures in this garden some day and I am really happy with the result! 

As I am craving for spring right now, as it's my favorite season, I wanted to make this grey day a bit brighter by wearing my red boots. Well and red boots should be paired with a nice pair of jeans like these. If you follow me for a while you might know that I am not that into jeans but I thought about challenging myself and wearing them more this year. What a new years resolution ;-) I am thinking about getting a simple pair of skinny jeans and ripping them. To be honest, I always hated ripped jeans but right now I would really love to have some. Also, I am wearing an incredible cool hat in these pictures and I am having a huge crush on it. I borrowed it from Rebecca and I am absolutely in love! It has the perfect shape and I really really want it now! I might get myself the same one in black when I'm back in Berlin next week because there's the next Urban Outfitters shop. Whoop! SO excited, can't wait! Have a nice evening!

Friday, January 3, 2014


pictures by the boy
01/2014 Did you guys have a fabulous new years eve? I hope you all had a fun evening with your beloved ones and great first days of 2014. My new years eve was really relaxing and I loved it. I just spent time with the boy, cooking, watching movies and having some champagne. Todays outfit is about the new jumpsuit I wore for that occasion. I saw it at Zara's and totally fell in love with the lace details. Its really comfortable and I love it's versatility. You can either wear it for a fancy dinner or just casual with a blazer or jacket. I combined it with my fake fur and this little clutch bag from H&M which adds a bit of new years eve glamour to the whole look.

Even if today's already the third, I still can't believe that we are in 2014 . I have so many things planned for this year and I can't wait to start! First thing is to finally change the layout of lackofcolor and of course going back to my normal blogging routine. I took a few days off around christmas and new year as I just wanted to stay away from the computer and focus on being with my friends and family. But now I am back for good and really motivated to share with you my latest outfits! I am off to have dinner with the boy now, but see you on Sunday on lackofcolor!! Happy Friday! xx

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