Monday, October 28, 2013


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A SHORT WEEK I've always been quite in love with the skirt and overknees combination, but never really knew how to pull it off since I'm such a small person. I haven't yet found the perfect overknees with a little heel, that's why I'm sticking to my flat ones which are amazingly comfortable. Also they still look good even though I bought them .. three years ago. Good job! Since the weather has been quite nice in fancy Munich I had the chance to even wear a skirt without tights - I know, I'm a tough girl :-D So I paired this little black skirt from Kavita with my plaid t-shirt from Zara, black overknees and my selfmade cape. Feels like back at school when I'm swapping clothes with my friend :-D

Oh well, it's also Monday again but I'm quite happy since I've only got 2.5 days to work this week - yay! Going to Berlin on Wednesday to see the boy and just relax :-) So looking forward to it as I have to admit that I am not used to work from Monday till Friday from 9-6 every week without a day off. Again it feels like back at school and I hated it to kind of loose a whole day just sitting at my desk. But I think I will get used to this again as I will probably do internships the whole year .. So anyway, there's not much to say today, as you could see on my social media, I've been working like crazy on my coat and it's almost finished, I hope to finish it by the end of tonight and then wear it in the next few days so you can see how it looks like :-) Really excited about this and almost forgot how I love to sew! Haven't been doing it the whole summer but I really want to sew more in the next time!

Happy Monday! xx

Friday, October 25, 2013


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HAPPY FRIDAY Hello hello! The last days were incredibly beautiful and sunny in fancy Munich! Perfect to wear light clothes and no beanie and scarf at all - it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I'm always wearing comfy outfits at work, and this time I decided on my beloved brown cape, simple boots and a lovely white shirt with ruffles by Zara. The black jacket and my Rayban sunglasses give the look a bit of coolness. But omg, I can't even remember the last time I had to wear sunglasses :-) Felt soo good to feel the sun on my face again! I just love those warm fall days, it's the best! 

And it's finally friday. This week has been a quite busy one at work, so I am really really looking forward to the weekend. Just relaxing, probably meeting an old friend from school AND sewing - I will keep you updated on my coat on instagram so follow me @carmen_wo! Gonna be great - I've been looking forward to this all week! You know the feeling when you have something creative in mind but no time to work on it? I literally hate it! I've been thinking about this new coat for two months now and had no time to sew it .. and you all know that I love coats and if I want to make one, then it has to be immediately and quickly! :-D But anyway, what are your plans?
I wish you all a lovely and happy Friday evening! xx

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


pictures by the boy
MAKE UP CONFESSIONS Wednesday is almost over and I am really looking forward to the weekend as I am just going to sew all day long. You all know that the last two weekends where pretty much about family and friends and don't get me wrong I love to have my sister or the boy around, but sometimes we all need to be on our own as well right? So this time I am really looking forward to sewing because I've planned a new coat and I am so so ready to start! It's going to be a grey colored one, pretty standard cut because I'm trying to concentrate on basic garments which you can combine with everything right now. I think I'm getting old .. I mean, I realized that it's all about basics and you don't need every cool "it" piece. I also bought some basic shirts because I didn't even had one, but that is another story ;-)

Anyway, today's outfit was shot by the boy at the tube station near my place and the pictures turned out different to the ones we usually take but I love them. My simple and dark outfit and the dark atmosphere at the tube match perfectly. I also tried out a new make up because the boy told me several times that he would love to see me wearing a stronger eye make up. So I tried smokey eyes and yep, I was not really good at doing it because I usually just use mascara and eyeliner. I tried hard and with the help of my lovely bf we kind of worked it out. Imagine me and the boy both trying to do my make up .. I'm a like the worst girl ever haha. But I think I might do it again for going out and maybe I'll get used to it =)

Have a nice and relaxing wednesday evening guys! xx 

Sunday, October 20, 2013


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SISTERS WEEKEND Whoop! One of my sisters, Vanessa, was in fancy Munich this weekend and we had two lovely days. Yesterday we went to the Blogger Bazaar at the Stylight HQ where I worked a bit and she was happily shopping and then we checked out Munich and had a great dinner at Vapiano's :-) Today we went for a walk in the English garden and other lovely areas of Munich and had coffee at Starbucks. It was such a nice weekend as we hadn't seen each other for a while and there was lots of stuff we had to talk about!

So I decided on wearing something really comfy and simple, and I know, it's black and blue, but somehow I love this combination so much, I wouldn't wanna miss it. As the weather was pretty nice I didn't need a thick coat, so I wore my blue coat which I made four years ago when I was still at high school =) It's crazy that I still love it so much! The color is just amazing! To add a bit of coolness to my outfit I wore a leather top from Zara and studded boots. I had a huge crush on similar boots at Zara's in fall 2012 but I couldn't find them in my size at any shop so I got those in cream half a year later and I'm glad that I got cream ones because everybody own's black ones ;-) I hope your weekend was as perfect as mine - I wish you all a relaxing Sunday evening! xx

Friday, October 18, 2013


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FRIDAY At work I like my outfits casual and comfy, just like this one, which I wore the other day. Boots with a little heel, comfy pants, a simple blouse and blazer, colorful beanie - done. I felt like this outfit was quite boyish but I loved it. Lately I've been really into wearing pants instead of skirts just because it's too cold and I like to wear my pants boyish and then add a little girly touch for example with my white clutch from Gaudi. I've also been wearing lots of black and white combinations in the past few days - easy to combine and oh so chic :-) 

Sooo, what are your plans for the weekend? One of my sister's is coming to visit me in fancy Munich and I'm really looking forward to seeing her. Tomorrow we will be at the Blogger's Bazaar at the Stylight HQ - if you live in Munich or somewhere near, just come by, shop vintage designer stuff and say Hi :-) - As I am working for Stylight right now I'll be selling some stuff of mine there as well, blouses, blazer, ... Whenever there's the chance to sell some of my old clothes I try to join. I've read about an interesting resolution on a blog the other day, there was this girl who said if she wants to buy one new item, she has to get rid of another ... maybe I should think about this as well ... ;-)

have a nice weekend guys! xx

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


pictures by the boy
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Actually, I didn't want to post today, but I was so excited to share with you all the great pictures we took the last few days, that I just had to bother you again ;-) So this is what I wore on Saturday, having a casual day with the boy in Munich. The weather was quite nice that's why I could wear a simple t-shirt and my selfmade cape. I feel like the colors of my outfit really match with the autumnal background, the leaves and stuff. To be honest, I love autumn. It's just the best season of all because you can dress up so nice! There's lots of different garments and colors to wear and if you're lucky enough and the weather is fine you can also wear light coats (and you all know that I love coats). 

Well, and did you notice the lipstick I'm wearing? If not, check again! It is amazing! I am completely obsessed with it! This really dark lipstick and nail polish obsession started a few weeks ago when I saw all the models walking down the runway having plain white faces, big brows and dark lips. Yay! And when my friend Isabella told me that she wanted to do this look at the make up artist competition at the end of September as well, I just knew I had to go for it. So I got this lovely lipstick at MAC's and it's called diva, which I think is the perfect name for this little gorgeous thing :-) I can't wait to wear it again, it might be another crush lipstick like morange in spring - yeah, I think I'm falling for lipstick trends ...

Anyway, I hope you guys are all doing well and that you love autumn as much as I do :-) xx

Monday, October 14, 2013


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HELLO MONDAY This weekend might have been one of my best weekends so far - except that I got a bad bad cold. The boy came to Munich on Thursday and we had really lovely days filled with good dinner (thanks for cooking darling ;-) ), cheesecake and muffins and some light shopping. It's crazy but such lovely and relaxing weekends spending with my love or friends is basically all I need. I guess you all feel the same right? ;-) We also took really really good pictures which I am so excited to share with you, but first this simple look! Lovely Kavita took the pictures - we had a really nice girls day taking pictures in the sun and enjoying chai tea at Starbucks!

So I named the article red porcelain because I feel like my skin color got even whiter in the last few months .. oh well. Me being this white and having red lips, I remember myself on a porcelain doll .. I know, I know, I'm crazy. Anyway, today's outfit is really chic but so simple! I just wore black pants, incredible nice red boots with a thin heel and a light rose knitted pullover plus my beloved conscious bag. As I told you some time ago, I'm trying to deal with smaller bags and this one is really small, it's even too small for my mobile phone (but that's just because all the mobile phones are too big I'd say - hello Nokia3310 I miss you!) Anyway, I really wish you all a happy Monday and a good start into this week! xx 

Friday, October 11, 2013


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ACTUALLY, I DON'T It's just that this bike from someone from the office looks so nice with the outfit I wore just the other day. Checked pants and my furry hat! I am really impressed by the guys at work who ride their bike in the morning, in summertime I would love to, but when it's cold outside, and it really is in fancy Munich, I couldn't do that. Chapeau! So I put my bag in this bike and leaned on it pretending it was mine, because it looks really cool and almost every blogger took pictures with a bike in his/her whole blogger career, right? ;-)

So this is what I wore to work on wednesday.. pretty simple but oh so comfy and I love those checked pants. I got them back in summer at Zara Sale and I am really happy now because everybody seems to be obsessed with red checked pants and I am happy to have them in another color ;-) The furry hat was one investment I did two weeks ago. I always wanted to have one but was never sure where to get it. I saw lots of those in Berlin at some random barrow boy but I didn't dare to buy one as they looked really cheap :-D So I got this one at Asos for about 15€ and it was a good decision! It's really warm and I love how such hats make simple looks really cool and something special. I am so excited to wear it lots of times this season! Have a nice weekend guys! xx

Monday, October 7, 2013


HEY GUYS A new week has started today, and here's what I wore at work! As it's really getting cold in fancy Munich I decided on my beloved fake fur jacket by Forever 21. I combined it with a simple white blouse and fake leather pants. It was the perfect outfit for work, although a bit cold so I'm still searching for the perfect sweater for this years fall / winter season. I've always been mad about blazers but right now I'm realizing that they don't keep that warm .. thats why I'm checking the online stores everyday to see if there's the perfect sweater / pullover and I've already been thinking about asking my mum if she would want to knit one for me? :-D (mum, if you're reading this, I would love to have a pink one as pink is this seasons "hot color" ;-) ) Sooo, what are you wearing to keep you warm and comfy?

Anyway, my weekend was really really good and relaxing. As I told you some time ago, I decided on sewing a new coat for myself so I did the pattern construction yesterday and will start to sew .. probably next week as the boy is coming over to Munich this weekend :-) (excited!) But I'm taking pictures of my work to do an article about the coat, how I made it, what's special, ... I really hope you're interested in this .. :-D 
I'm really tired today because of work, so I'm just gonna relax and go to bed early! I wish you all a fun evening =) 

Saturday, October 5, 2013


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OKTOBERFEST 2013 As Thursday was a german holiday, Kavita and I went to the Oktoberfest at 10 a.m in the morning - crazy! It was my very first time there and I was overwhelmed by those masses that get up so early to celebrate and stuff - it was insane! We met lots of nice people, australian, british and dutch guys (have you seen the instagram shot I took with the one dutch man who was a giant of a man? :-D ) and were pretty surprised of how many families went there with their small kids - who even drank beer - yes, we saw lots of kids who sipped at their parents drinks - crazy! We went on some rides as well (a really fast roller coaster which scared me to hell but at the same time I had so much fun :-D ) and of course danced a lot ;-) The pictures were taken after the whole thing, I might look a bit tired and wasted, but I had such a good time!

Naturally, as an austrian girl I've got a dirndl, so my outfit choice for thursday was pretty easy. I just had to think about which bag, shoes and coat (it was reaaally reaally cold!!) Honestly, I can't understand how some girls go to the Wiesen with their high heels and without a proper coat. We were there the whole day and danced like crazy, imagine with high heels it would be so hard and painful after some time! It felt soo good in flat shoes with a little bag to wrap around - just comfy and easy. When I look at those pictures they remind me of the music video for "who knew" by Pink - right? The background with all the people and lighting, it's really similar ;-) Anyway, it was a fun day and the headache was totally worth it :-P even though we only drank shandy, oh well.. 

i wish you a nice saturday evening guys! xx 

Thursday, October 3, 2013


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HAVING FUN When I applied for the internship at Stylight I got a bit scared because of the blog, not having someone to take pictures when I'm "fancy" dressed in Munich :-D and I even mentioned in a post in summer that I 'm thinking about changing the blog's content to less outfit pictures and more inspirational stuff. But to be honest, I love the outfit pictures! So I am really glad to have the boy in Berlin and that I got to know Kavita from because she is a blogger from the UK and we can take pictures together - I take hers, she takes mine ;-) so good to have somone with whom I can share my passion for fashion if the boy is not around :-P Kavita was invited to an event by 7 for all mankind jeans on Tuesday and I've got jeans from them as well so she asked me to join her ;-)

It was a nice event and I love their jeans because they are just so comfy and even though I am not much a jeans person I fell in love with those light colored ones I'm wearing on the pictures! I combined them with a cute blouse with cats on (yes, I am crazy about cats =D ) a black vest, black beanie and shoes and my nussbag casual as a spot of color. It was a comfy outfit as I was wearing it at work as well ;-) Kavita and I had lots of fun, we met some really lovely readers of hers and then we just had some tea at Starbucks. I guess you'll see us hanging around pretty often from now on as we have so much things planned already :) - now we're off to the Oktoberfest! xx

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


pictures by the boy
BOY-ISH Today's outfit is something different, but lately I've been thinking about trying some different styles, like a more edgy and cool one for example. I wore some simple skinny black jeans, those boots I really love right now because they just look SO good and then a t-shirt I received by Boede Otze Berlin. If you follow my blog you know that I have done a giveaway with them and I got the coolest beanie ever some weeks ago. Yay! Actually, I never really shared with you that Boede Otze Berlin is the boy's start up company which he set up with some friends some months ago and I naturally want to support him ;-) (sorry for not mentioning but I guess some of you knew already :-P )

Well, I wore this look in Berlin a couple of weeks ago and in the beginning it was weird because I hardly never wear such t shirts but then it got really comfy and cool. For me it has always been a problem to combine such simple t -shirts and if there was a logo or statement on the front I just gave up. But after some evenings watching the pairing videos of wendy's lookbook (yes, I am crazy about her =D ) I had some ideas. So this look is more boy-ish but with a light red lipstick and a cool bag you're ready to hang out with the guys ;-) I've been also thinking about doing a more girl-ish look with this shirt to show you another version of how you could combine it - I've got some ideas, if you're interested in seeing them - just comment and there'll be another article with the BO t-shirt =)

have a nice wednesday afternoon guys! xx

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MAKE UP ARTIST CONTEST with BeautybySoraya

WEEKEND IN AUSTRIA Yay! So last friday I headed to Vienna straight after work to join my friend Isabella ( because she was taking part in a make up artist contest. I was really really tired and stuff but on Saturday in the morning I got really motivated and just wanted to do this, like really really good! So if you follow me on my social media you could see that she had one hour to do my hair, and 1.5 hours for the make up. The topic was "glamour" and she took part as a newcomer because she's only a make up artist for less than a year. As I've got so many hair I straightened it before the contest so it was easier for her to make this huge bun! I mean, look at the pictures it's SO SO big. Bigger than the one I do sometimes - haha.

So, I wore a backless black lace dress which you've seen before on the blog (it was my new years eve dress), my fav. glitter heels and a black leather clutch. In my opinion it was a glamorous outfit, and I am a fan of understatement which means, I felt like the hairdo was perfect because you could see the back and if the dress and the make up is conspicuous you don't need an extravagant hairdo as well. BUT sadly, the jury didn't share those thoughts with me. I really liked the make up, I love that she used this dark lipstick because right now I'm crazy about dark lips (you'll see a lipstick post in the future) and I think all in all it was glamorous. Well, "we" or Isabella, didn't won, but it was a fun day =) So enjoy the pictures, they were taken by some guy from the competition ;-) thank your Isabella for asking me to join you - I had a really great time! xx
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