Sunday, September 29, 2013


pictures by the boy
SUNDAY DREAMS To be honest, I love dressing up nicely. I love wearing dresses, I would love to wear high heels everyday (if it wouldn't be painful after some hours) and to be more honest, I always loved the idea of dressing really lovely and nice for special occassions. If you follow lackofcolor for a while you might know that especially for christmas eve I always have to find, like the best dress or outfit ever. It's the same with new year's eve or my birthday. It's just that I like to give some occassions a special meaning by wearing something more fancy than usual. So I wore this look in Berlin on a Sunday because it's the perfect Sunday dress. A dress for Sundays should be nice but casual. When I was younger I used to watch all those old television series where the kids had to dress pretty fancy on Sunday because of church and stuff - and because of that I have this crazy idea of doing the same when I'm older =D I might not go to church every Sunday but I love the idea of having a nice lunch on Sunday at a restaurant and being dressed fancy (this is pretty oldschool isn't it?).

Anyway, this dress is an older one actually. I bought it two years ago at Asos (you might have seen it on the blog before) and some of my friends call it the french maid dress, as it has this little knitted collar in white ;-) I have to say I've never been more in love with a simple Sunday dress before. It's the perfect choice for every occassion. To keep me warm I wore my beige cape, patterned tights, black wedges and the burgundy colored Gaudí bag. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


pictures by the boy
DOING OH SO FINE Hey guys, it's my very first week of work at Stylight and I really love it! My first day was both lovely and confusing at the same time :-D there's lots of stuff for me to do but I can't wait to start! I'm really glad that I cut studies for the next few months to see if the fashion industry is really where I belong (I actually knew this already but I always need prove).

So todays outfit is inspired by fall's plaid trend. As you all might have noticed, this year we are playing with grunge - that means pretty cool and edgy looks. I was actually born in the 90s so I don't have any items that I could just like, wear again like my mum always does (she's really one kind of fashionista, she kept every piece of every decade in her wardrobe). So I got myself this plaid shirt a few weeks ago. I am not much the rock chic girl but this t shirt is really cute as it got this little peter pan collar. To complete the look I wore a beanie by Böde Otze Berlin. I just love this one because of the bold characters on it and the color is just perfect. I really like grey a lot and it seemed to me the perfect pairing for the plaid shirt.
So this weekend I am off to Vienna for the make up artist contest my friend beauty by soraya joined and I got to be her model or something like that - I'll keep updating my instagram so come and follow me (@carmen_wo) :-)

Sunday, September 22, 2013


pictures by the boy
HOW GOOD IT IS TO SEE YOU I've always been madly in love with all kinds of headgears. Hats (as I told you in my previous post), turbans (since this summer) and BEANIES! Since they were one of the it pieces for, let's say, fall, winter and spring I can't get enough of them. I was craving for fall to wear them again, but let's be honest, I wore them in August in Berlin as well if there was even a single sign for rain or bad weather. (crazy beanie love huh?) But now I've got my good old beanie back, and I can't be more happier. It's such a simple accessorie but it makes your look cool and edgy but yet chic at the same time. A very versatile kind of garment =)

So today's outfit is mostly about the beanie. In Berlin I'm keeping it cool (and gangster - haha.) with simple black and white combinations with colorful details such as the Gaudí bag in burgundy or the boots. The boots and the beanie make the outfit pretty casual and cool so I always need something chic as well. This time it was a simple white blouse paired with a white pullover - the standard blouse-pullover combination I adore! It's the easiest way to look chic within a minute - in summer time it's the white blouse on it's own, in fall or winter it's the white blouse with a pullover to cover.

Friday, September 20, 2013


pictures by the boy
THOUGHTS Yesterday the boy and I had breakfast in town and afterwards we did some inspirational windowshopping. It was a fun and relaxing day as we are currently working pretty much to make the best out of lackofcolor. We did some brainstorming and thought about a completely new layout - but I won't tell you anything more. You'll see the end result as soon as possible =) It's just that I started tiny lackofcolor blog more than one year ago on my own and it really feels good to share this with someone important. It's definitely more fun like this ;-)

But let's talk about the outfit. You can see that fall arrived in town and I am actually pretty happy about this. I mean, it could be warmer, 10 degrees are really an imposition but it's time to wear outerwear again and I love love love coats, capes, thick jackets and all that great stuff! (that's why I'm going to sew a new coat!) So I wore my beige cape and combined it with blue pants, a blue blouse where the collar and cuffs are made out of jeans material and those awesome boots! I've never had such boots before but I figured I should try something new, more edgy and cool. They have this chrome colored touch and I love it. Usually I would never buy such boots but with this color attraction I had to get them, but still pair them with something classy.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


pictures by the boy

HELLO from casual and cool Berlin! My internship starts on Monday so I decided to come and visit the boy in Berlin again for some fine days. It actually feels like a second (or third?) hometown and I am slowly getting used to the cool style of the people living here. Having coffee in the city and going for a walk I decided on something very simple - a black and white combination (we've seen this a thousand times but we still love it, right?). The weather was switching from sunny to rainy so I wore an awesome hat by H&M (I  desperately checked for this one in my size in every H&M in Munich until I finally found it!)

I remember the day I bought my very first hat - it was three years ago and I really really wanted this special creme colored furry hat by H&M (click here to see the outfit). Everyone was skeptical about it but I loved it right away. Sadly, I wasn't confident enough to wear hats that time so this gorgeous piece had to stay in my closet for the next two years. In 2011 I bought a brown hat (click here) and slowly became more confident in wearing it. First I only went for a walk with my mum to get used to it, but then I found out, there's nothing about it. I guess I was just a bit scared because no one of my friends or any other girls at school used to wear hats. But since last year I can't hide my love for hats anymore =) I'm now having fun pulling of the indie style with a brown fedora or wearing a burgundy one in autumn :-)

Monday, September 16, 2013


MONDAY MORNING When I got up this morning, and scrolled through instagram (yeah, I am checking my phone after weaking up - it's actually the first thing I do when I'm sleeping alone) .. I saw a picture of Carrie from SATC (we all love her, don't we?) saying "shall we get more coffee or shall we get guns and kill ourselves?" Today might be an important day in life - I am not going to talk about it, no no - BUT this really made my monday morning - haha. I just love how all the people hate when it's monday again and I am anxious to see if I'll hate monday morning as well when I'm a working person, or studying again. We will see. I've always seen monday morning as another chance to change something, do something, work out something - not as the worst day ever ..

So today's outfit - we took the pictures at my parents place. I wore my white jeans again (I guess it's now time to put them back into the wardrobe which says "summer clothes") this "crop top pullover" leopard flats and THE BAG. I got it at the Ullmann Fashion Agency - if you follow me on my social media you could see that I was there to check out the spring summer collection 2014 of Gaudí. I've seen lots of great stuff in bright colors - amazing dresses, the highest heels ever and beautiful bags but this white little thing got my whole attention. As I told you, I'm trying to get used to smaller bags, I only take them when I'm going out and weeeell, that doesn't happen very often .. but this bag has the perfect size for having coffee or going to a restaurant or whatever. It's definitely one of my new favorites and its WHITE. I've always wanted a white bag as white was THE trend color this summer but I couldn't find one that doesn't look too cheap you see? So what do you think of it? =)

wishing you all a lovely start into a new week ;-)
(I started my morning with listening to Alter Bridge - that might explain the title :) oh and it's my 200th article today! yaay! ) 

Friday, September 13, 2013


pictures by mumy
FRIDAY Well, now it's pouring outside and the week is coming to an end, but on Monday the weather was still fine and not too cold, so I wore this lovely outfit at my parents place. I got the t shirt at Luisa's (the blogger behind Style-Roulette) flea market which was last Saturday. It's actually the one and only thing I found there, I guess I came too late and all the other good things were already sold :-D But anyway, I fell in love with it and sometimes I am a fan of wearing second hand clothing. Feels like I'm giving this simple shirt another chance to shine ;-) (this sounds weird huh? :D) So, for my stay at home I only took the red trench with me, that's why I borrowed my mother's black leather jacket that day (she's okay with sharing) and I really like this look a lot. An outfit for having coffee with the girls where you don't have to take a big handbag (right now I'm trying to use smaller handbags again ;-) )

But today's outfit is about those amazing blue shoes and the flower t shirt. I'm having a big big crush on those shoes: real leather, bright blue and then I only paid 20 euros .. but you know that already from one of my previous posts, I keep repeating myself, right? At the moment I'm sad that I couldn't wear them more often this year because it's already boots time .. or hunters time but I'll be sure to wear them in spring again =)

have a nice weekend guys! I'm off to have cosy and comfy days, what are your plans?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


pictures by the boy
GREY PERFECTION - During the last few weeks I've been looking for some grey pants and finally found jeggings at Vero Moda's. Pairing those with a white blouse and one of my fav. blazers makes the perfect fall outfit combination for me. When checking out all the magazines with their "top ten lists for fall garments" or "the new fall colors for 2013" and all that stuff I find myself smiling because even though there's lots of great stuff to buy out there, and there are all those cool "new" looks, I think most people find themselves wearing the same things again and again. For example, I bought this blazer in fall 2011 and I still adore it. The blouse, my graduation-blouse, is from H&M bought in spring 2012 und the bag is really old. Except for the pants everythings pretty old but always when fall's around the corner I grab this blazer because of it's autumnal color and a white blouse just because white blouses are the most chic garments ever invented!

So, right now I am at my parent's place again, but I'll be leaving tomorrow for fancy Munich. You see, it's hard to believe but there's still some stuff in my old room that needs to be with me in Munich ;-) As my internship's postponed a week I'm now planning what to do in the next two weeks. I might sew something (yay - there'll be an article on the blog) and go to Berlin again! But for now I'm off to meet my girl Amy for a fun lunch date =)

have a nice day guys!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


ITS WHERE YOU'RE GOING TO Can't believe I'm doing this again =) When I moved to Vienna last year in October I thought this would be my new home for at least three years. The plan was to study publicism and then go into fashion industry like "here I am, go hire me". Turns out I was wrong ;-) After a year of studying, blogging and working I realized that the studies I chose were not what I really wanted. To be honest, I've always had my plans and dreams of who and what I want to be in future or "when I grow up", but I honestly didn't really know how to reach this goal, until I got into blogging. The last year made me realize that I gotta be more active to reach my goals, and this contains the internship at Stylight and therefore moving to fancy Munich.

So here it is, another room tour and I'm pretty sure there'll be another one in the near future. Compared to my room in Vienna, this one's tiny, as in 10m2, but I love it anyway. To save money, I kept my bed and wardrobe and just got a new chest of drawers because the other one was too big. My dad made this lovely and cute desk for blogging and working on the computer. In our apartment which I'm sharing with a lovely girl from here we've got a living room where I'm going to have a big table where I can sew and stuff (really excited about this).

Thursday, September 5, 2013


pictures by the boy
GOOD EVENING FROM THE NEW CITY My very first week in Munich is coming to an end (well, okay, it's thursday evening, but let's say so) and I've seen some cool and cosy places to stay here, to hang around, have a cup of coffee and just chat. I had a lot of fun discovering the city with the boy, glad he came because I probably would have gone lost without him (successfully suppressed every geography lesson at school - whops!)

Anyway, summer showed up again and I couldn't be more happier about this. Today I wore this nice black and white combination with green flats and my fav bag (I just can't go without it - that's why you'll see it on so many posts :-D ) . I had messy hair and together with the background of the pictures the whole article reminds me of those garden collections by H&M every year (or every season?) - that explains the title :-)

Monday, September 2, 2013


HELLO FROM FANCY MUNICH Well, I arrived safely in the new hometown, my moving-weekend went really quickly and now the boy and I are discovering the city and relaxing like a lot :-) right now we're sitting in a little coffee house to check out e mails and stuff because I don't have any wifi connection in my apartment - by now of course :-)

Anyway, here are the last pictures we shot in my hometown, where I wore this lovely midi skirt by Mango which I bought just for my birthday party in July actually. But I fell in love with it that much that I had to wear it pretty often during this summer. I always thought midi skirts wouldn't look good on small girls (just as long skirts) but I was wrong, no wonder. Anyway, it was a simple yet chic outfit for taking a long walk by the lake in my hometown before this stressful moving weekend which wasn't that stressful at all, to be honest. I really think summer is over now, I changed from sandals to boots within a day but I like autumn and its changing colors a lot and I am excited to live through it in another city =)
have a nice day guys and see you soon here on the blog!


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