Sunday, December 1, 2013


pictures by itscohen

There are some clothes a woman needs for her winter wardrobe, like the perfect black boots, a simple coat and a nice sloppy hat. I've told you a while ago that I really love hats and I think they are one of the best accessories for winter time! They make your look chic and timeless and combined with a nice coat and bag you are never dressed boring :-) I wore this outfit this week at work and it was freakin cold outside, but we managed to get a few shots.

So this weekend was quite boring as I was sick stuck in my bed and working on a classy trenchcoat for my sister's boyfriend =D So annoying that I missed the christmas party but I'm excited to see the girls tomorrow and hear all their fun stories ;-) I'm feeling better but still not 100% fine so I will relax now, watch Alice in Wonderland and go to bed really really early so I'm prepared for work tomorrow! I hope you all are fine and you had an amazing first advent weekend! xx

boots - H&M
bag - Asos
pants - Vero Moda
coat - selfmade
scarf & hat - H&M


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